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I. Tick the right answer.
The speaker in this poem is-

(a) An average and ordinary boy
(b) A topper in the class
(c) A good sports man
(d) A good singer

II. Answer the following questions.
1. What is the speaker’s complaint?
Ans. He is ignored and disrespected by the people. He wanted to be noticed and treated friendly.

2. People called speaker by two names. What are they?
Ans. ’Hey you!’ and ‘What is your name’ are the two names called by the people to the speaker.

3. Every human being has some good qualities in him/her. Find out the good qualities in the speaker.
Ans. He is compassionate and caring. He truly cares for others
4. The speaker tells us about the qualities that others possess but he doesn’t. Name those qualities.
Ans. Others are good in studies, games and drawing. They earn names based on these qualities but he lacks these qualities.

5. What is the poet’s demand?
Ans. The poet wants to be treated friendly. He wants other should pay attention on him. He is a human being too and wants others to treat him that way. He requests not to judge him by the prizes he never won.

6. Recite the poem and find the rhyming words used in the poem.
Ans. The following are the words that rhyme together in the poem.

7. Which words and phrases are repeated in the poem and why?
Ans. Care, heart, sorrow, share name, good are words used repeatedly in the poem. Words like care, heart show how the speaker is caring and his heart truly cares for others. Word share refers that he can be a good friend to others and can share others’ sorrows. Word name refers that he too is a human being and wants everyone to call him by his name.

8. The poet doesn’t want to be judged by the prizes he never wins or by the number of claps he doesn’t earn. He requests everyone to judge him by using a new measure. What is the new measure he is suggesting?
Ans. He wants to be judged by the way he cares for others and the immense compassion he possess. He considers that in this world a loving heart is truly a treasure and that should be something by which on can judge others. It is the noble things that last long.
The boy has kind heart and always ready to share joy and sorrow and the world need this rather than materialistic things.

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