Swiss Family Robinson

I Answer the following questions

1 How many children were there in Mr. Robinson family?
Ans. There were four children in the Mr. Robinson family.
2 Did the Mr. Robinson family meet any other family on the island?
Ans. No. they did not meet any other family on the island.
3 Why did the Mr. Robinson family have to leave the ship?
Ans. The ship has been caught in the terrible storm and struck on land. So they have to leave the ship.

4 Write two difficulties the Mr. Robinson family faced on their way to reach the land?
Ans. They faced the difficulties in making boats, searching the nearest way.
5 How did the Mr. Robinson family find the way to the land?
Ans. The made boat using barrels and followed freed ducks to reach the land.
6 How did the Mr. Robinson mange to get fresh coconuts?
Ans. Mr. Robinson threw some stones at monkeys and they threw coconuts at Robinson’s family back. In this way Mr. Robinson family got fresh coconuts.


Answer the following questions
Describe separately the work done by Mr. Robinson and Mrs. Robinson in the story.
Ans. Mr. Robinson’s work-
Encourage the family members
Made little boat
Set up a tent
Fond the nearest way to the land
Got sugarcane and coconuts
Mrs. Robinson
Collected necessary things to carry with them
Made meal for supper and dinner
Dried soup to make meal and lunch
Gave idea to make a raft
Help them in making tent
Based on the lesson circle the odd one out in each row
1) sail, float, sink, row
2) sugarcane, dinner, supper, meal
3) stream, tent, small bay, shore
4) boat, ship, barrel, raft
5) ducks, crows, pigeons, geese

Fill in the blanks with the appropriate adverbs of time from the box.
(early, then, often, yet, still, frequently, when, yesterday, always, while, already)

We had often thought of going on a picnic but my mother denied because my brother was too young. She always felt that it would be difficult to move along with such a small baby. But finally we decided to go on a small trip to a nearby dam.
When I got up early in the morning, I found my mother already in the kitchen busy preparing snacks,often my little brother slept because he starts crying when he wakes up. My father had washed the van and checked the wheels yesterday evening. He was standing outside the gate becuase uncle Verma hadn’t come yet. Uncle Verma is a family friend of ours and visits us frequently. Soon, mother had packed the tiffin boxes and then she got my brother ready. I was very happy when the van drove away but still could not believe that we were really going on a picnic.

Put appropriate punctuation marks in the following sentences.
Ans.1 Ajit wants to visit Paris, Italy, Germany and China
2 She’ll will be the next president.
3. If I get a job, I’d be happy.
4. Yes, I’d like more water.
5. How old are you?
6. The president said-“ I will visit Nepal next week.”
7. I like to go hiking, fishing, swimming and campaigning during summer.
8. “ I would like to go with you.”-Bodhin said. “But don’t have enough money.”
9. However, I am very good at mathematics.
10. They are my best friends.
11 This is Mahim’s house.
12 What a beautiful house !
13 We are at the room of a Hotel.
14. He is Mayank’s son.
15 Vidya wants to leave now, yet, we must wait for her little brother.
16 Thank God! We are saved.

Insert appropriate punctuation mark wherever it is necessary.
One day, a little mouse was looking for something to eat. He found a pencil The mouse ran off to his hole with the pencil “Do let me go!” begged the pencil. What use am I to you? I’m only a piece of wood. I’m not good to eat. “ I am not going to gnaw you!” said the mouse. I have to gnaw something all the time to keep my teeth sharp. Here I go.
And he bit the pencil hard. “You’re hurting me”, Said the pencil. Let me draw you one last picture and then you can do what you like. Very well! agreed the mouse. You draw something; I shall gnaw you into tiny pieces afterwards. The pencil sighed heavily and drew a big circle. “is that a cheese”, said the pencil, and it drew three little circle inside the big one. Let’s call them holes in the cheese, agreed the pencil call them holes in the cheese, and agreed the pencil and it drew another circle under the first one. “I can see it cheese now” said the mouse. Look at these holes in it. That’s an apple squeaked the mouse “Let’s call it an apple,” said the pencil, and it began drawing some funny curved things near the second circle.
Look at the pictures and write at least two sentences to describe each picture so that it makes a complete narrative. Use the hints given in brackets under each picture. You may begin as follows:

After landing on a lonely island, the Robinsons needed to make the place livable. So, they joined two wooden plants brought from the ship. Then they made a bridge across the river. They found a strong big tree on which they could make a tree house. It was safety and protected from wild animals. The hanging ladder was made with difficulty. It took much time. Mr. Robinson and Fritz pulled up big join pieces of wood. They joined the wood and made strong platform. Mrs Robinson had already finished cooking. They set together long poles and with big canvas made dining table under tree shade. They were hungry so enjoyed hearty meal.
Study Skill

Divide the class into two groups. One group will speak in favour of the preposition. “Adventure should never be planned” the other group will argue against it.
Bhimbetka is a natural art gallery and an archaeological treasure. For miles together, the footsteps of the prehistoric man can be easily discerned upon the sands of time, since the caves here house rock paintings, created by man from as early as about 15.000 years ago in vivid and panoramic detail

There are many rock paintings in these caves. The most ancient scenes here are believed to be commonly belonging to the Mesolithic Age. These magnificent paintings can be seen even on the ceiling of the rock shelters located at daunting heights

The cover of the dense forest and vegetation protected these rock paintings from being lost to the vagaries of nature. Executed mainly in red and white, with the occasional use of green and yellow with themes taken from the everyday events of cons ago, the scenes usually depict hunting, dancing, horse and elephant riders, animal fights, honey collection, decoration of bodies, disguises, masks and different types of animals etc. It depicts the details of social life during the long period of time, when man wed to frequent these rock shelters.

Complete the notes with appropriate points from the passage.

A Bhimbetka
i 15000 years old
the ancient scenes
i belong to Mesolithic Age
ii are magnificient
iii have been made even on ceilings of the caves
3 Cave paintings depict
i social life
ii Rock shelters
iii Religious and ritual sysbol
4 colours executed:
i mainly red and white
ii occasionally green and yellow
5 colours of cave paintings are made from
i Rock materials
ii Manganese, hematite, soft red stone and wooden charcoal
iii Animal fat and extract of leaves were also used in the mixture.

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