A Great Moment for All those Children

Answer the following questions.
1. Why did Adam Smith call Kailash Satyarthi?
Ans. Adam Smith called him for an interview over the phone.
2. Why was Kailash Satyarthi awarded the Nobel Prize for Peace?
Ans. Kailash Satyarthi spent all his life for betterment of the hundreds of the millions of children in the world who are deprived of their childhood and health and education, and fundamental right to freedom.
3. What did Kailash Satyarthi say on being congratulated by Adam Smith?
Ans. Kailash Satyarthi express his gratitude and said it’s an honour for those who deprived of education, health and fundamental right to freedom.
4. What is the ‘End Child Slavery Week”?
Ans. It’s an annual event being observed between 19 th November to 25 November. It is organized every year on different aspects of child slavery.
5. What does Satyarthi mean by ‘planet’ in the text?
Ans. The word Planet in the text means world or the earth.
6. As children how can you help in the movement started by Kailash Satyarthi?
Ans. As children we can create awareness among the parents against child slavery, child labour. We can promote them to send their kids to school for education.
7. Which are the two ways in which people can help to abolish child slavery according to Satyarthi?
Ans. according to Kailash Satyarthi by developing sense of recognition and higher amount of corporate engagement will help to abolish slavery.
8. “Child labour still exists in the world.” Do you agree with the statement? Give reason
Ans. Yes I do because a number of children are seen working in hotels, factories, fields and begging on the road.

Fill in the blanks with the most suitable determiners from the list given below.
a, an, the, every, one, a little, her, little, the little, first, his
The seed was no bigger than a nail on Deepa’s little finger. It was as hard as a nutshell.
“I’ll plant it, and a flower will grow from it,” Deepa said to herself. She fetched a flowerpot and planted the seed. She watched it day every day little shoot sprang up. The plant was no bigger than little finger. No one knew what it was.
“We’ll have to wait until it flowers,” said Deepa’s mother Her plant grew and grew. It grew very tall.
We’ll have to measure ourselves to see who is bigger, “said Deepa to …..the baby tree as she set off for school for …….the time.
By summer, a…..tree had grown much taller than her. It almost filled ….a little sitting room.
“I wonder what kind of … the monster it is,” said mother. So she borrowed …. a book on plants, buried….her nose in it and finally called out, “Here we are! It is the…. Semul also called Silk Cotton …an enormous tree. It’ll bring ….the whole house down!”
Father dashed off to …..the shed to get ….her axe. “No!,” shrieked Deepa. “If you chop its top off, it will die. Father dear, please!”
Fill in the blanks with ‘some”/ “any’.
1. Would you like some milk?
2. There are some books on that table.
3.No, I don’t want any book.
4. She wants some papers to write a story.
5. They do not have any money with them.
III. Fill in the blanks with ‘little’, ‘few’, ‘a little’, ‘a few’. Remember (‘little’ and ‘few’ are used to give a negative idea; ‘a little’ and ‘a few’ are used to give a positive idea.)
1. They are not happy because little …. food is left with them.
2. She is quite satisfied now. She has done a little …. better than she expected.
3. Raju has made few  mistakes in English paper that’s why he is sad.
4. He has little  hope to get success.
5. There are a few points to discuss still to get the expected result.
IV. Insert much’ or ‘many’ in the following.
1 Did you buy many story books?
2. How much water is left in this tank?
3. They do not have many houses.
4. Raj is fond of reading books but he has not brought many books with him.
5. How much money you want?
6 How many students have their textbooks?
Read this story carefully
One day a father took his son to a village.
He wanted to show him how poor someone can be.
They spent time on the farm of a poor family.
Dad asked, “Did you see how poor they are?
Son said, “We have one dog, they have four;
we have a pool, they have rivers.
We have lanterns at night, they have stars;
we buy food, they grow theirs.
We have walls to protect us,
they have friends;
we have encyclopeadias,
they have the Bible”
Then they headed.
“Thanks Dad, for showing me how poor we are!”
You are a reporter impressed with this boy. Imagine that you have interviewed this boy. Complete the interview given below.
Reporter: Good morning, Beta. I am Arnav Ghosh from Wisdom.
Boy: Good morning Sir!
Reporter: What’s your name?
Boy: I am Sankalp Sharma.
Reporter: How do you feel being in the village?
Boy :It was a very nice experience.
Reporter: Who did you meet with?
Boy: I met with a rich family having all comforts. They have better living standard than us.
Reporter: Really! What do they have?
Boy: They have everything like stars as bulb, rivers as water tank
Reporter: Really! You have amazing study of the village.
Saba Anjum
Saba Anjum was born on 12 April 1985 in Durg. Her father’s Rafique Baksha and mother name Farida Begum. Saba is well known hockey player and a member of the Indian Women’s Hockey team. She is rendering her service in Durg District as Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP). Her greatest contribution to the sports hit the headlines of all leading newspapers when she played in Common Wealth Games at Manchester in 2002, 2004 in Delhi and 2006 in Doha. She was awarded Gundadhur Sports Award and in 2013 Arjun Award. She was given Padmashri in 2015. She is a role model of every girl and we feel proud of her.


Read the profile and biographical sketch of Tejan Bai carefully.
I. Read the following.
Around ten years ago there was a young man whose name was Akash. He was studying to be a Doctor. After he completed his MBBS he worked hard and won a scholarship to USA. He got his masters degree and decided to come back. Along with him ten of his friends had also gone for higher studies to America. They all stayed back but Akash returned. Akash’s father was not very happy with his son’s decision. He was very proud that his son had got a foreign degree. He wanted his son to make America his home, earn a lot of money and finally invite his parents and sister also to settle down in America. But Akash was adamant. “My country has spent thousands of rupees in educating me. I have to repay this debt. The only way I can do it is by serving the people here. And moreover India and its villages need good doctors far more than rich countries like America.”
(An Extract from Patriotism)
Pick out the false statements and correct them.
Akash got his MBBS degree from India. True
ii. Akash studied in USA only. False. Correct : Akash studies in India first and got MBBS degree.
Akash got his master’s degree from USA. True.
Akash wanted to settle in America.
False Correct: He decided to come back India
iv.. India had spent thousands of rupees in educating Akash.
1. Answer the following questions.
i. What was the name of the young man?
Ans. The name of the Young man is Akash
ii. Why was Akash’s father unhappy?
Ans. Because Akash return to India
iii. What was Akash’s father proud of?
Ans. Akash’s father proud that Akash got degree from abroad.
iv. Why did Akash return to India?
Ans. Akash realized his country has spent thousands of rupees in educating him. He had decided to repay his debt.
V. How did Akash repay the debt?
Ans. Akash repaid it by serving the people in India.
vi. Write the full forms of:
i. USA -United States of America
MBBS -Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery
2. Word Building
Fill in spaces with some determiners –
It was around Eid. We wanted to buy clothes, Eid lights and some other items. Anarkali is famous for such items. My mother asked me to join her. My mother and I went to Anarkali. It is near the Medical College. There was much. crowd. Everyone was pushing each other. There were traffic jams and many  vehicles were blowing their horns. Street vendors were selling various items, which were very cheap. They were shouting on top of their voice to attract the customers. Many customers were bargaining with  shopkeepers some.. beggars were asking for food and money. We went to a. saree shop, where my mother bought one. …saree. She bought an…… artificial jewellery for me. There were no any…… fruit shops there. We wanted to buy some…… fruits too but…..
We also bought some sweets from a  famous shop, Butt Sweets. From the electrical market we bought Eid lights and a  mixer-juicer. I also bought a some records, cassette, tapes of classical music. We were all tired after shopping. We took cold drinks to refresh ourselves. Thereafter,
we returned home. I enjoyed the shopping very much, although the market was very crowded.
6 (a). Fill in the blanks with ‘a’, ‘an’ or ‘the’
Last year we went for a holiday to Mainpat. It is.a beautiful place with mountains, rivers and rocks. We stayed there in a hotel. When I woke up in….the moring I looked out of the ….. window of my room. The sun was shining brightly. There was a small cottage outside the window, and an old woman was standing with a child in her arms. A.. man was chopping some wood with an  axe. There was a beautiful mountain far away.
7. You always observe your mother busy doing different activities from morning till night. Write the daily routine of your mother. You may choose the hints given
below and add some more..
eg: My mother gets up at 5 O’clock in morning
takes bath, cleans worships, cooks, serves tea, reads news paper, packs lunch, brushes teeth goes to work, prepares dinner…..
My mother’s daily routine is truly remarkable. She wakes up at 5 o’clock in the morning and immediately gets to work. She starts her day by taking a refreshing bath and then cleans the house and worships. She then heads to the kitchen and prepares breakfast, followed by serving tea and reading the newspaper. After that, she packs lunch for everyone in the family and makes sure that all are ready for their day ahead. She then brushes her teeth and heads to work. Despite having a long and tiring day at work, she manages to come home and prepare dinner for the family. Her dedication and hard work are truly inspiring, and I feel lucky to have such a wonderful mother.
8. Here is a description of Anant’s Library. Listen carefully and fill in the blanks.
My library is near my local shopping centre. I use it every week. There are book shelves all around the library and there are many books on the shelves. Also, there are tables and chairs where people can sit In one corner are the newspaper and in another corner are the computers. In the entrance of the library is a counter. The librarian sits here. He is very helpful. Library is a quiet place and I can read or study tere. I love to read the many different books, newspapers and magazines at the library.

9. Sanjay will be given an award for full attendance on School Annual Day. You are Manoj and you are interviewing Sanjay. Some parts of the interview are missing. Complete the interview using the hints and enact it.
Manoj: Congratulations, Sanjay! You will be given an award on our School Annual
Day Celebration. How did you manage to come to school every day?
Sanjay: I love my school, so I don’t like missing the school even for a day.
Manoj: How do you keep yourself fit?
Sanjay:-I work out regularly, eat healthy food no junk food in my diet. Apart from this, I have sound sleep. I stick to the moto:- Early to bed and early to rise it keeps me healthy, wealthy and wise.”
Manoj: Tell me how did your mother feel?
Sanjay: My mother was very happy. She takes care that I’m regular to school.
Manoj: Congratulations, Sanjay! nice talking to you.
Sanjay:Thank you. It’s my pleasure, Manoj.
II. 1. Read the passage and answer the following questions.
In India, Mother Teresa had the first glimpse of poverty. She loved children so she started off as a teacher; the young children loved her too. She even took care of those who were sick. She went for medical training to know how to help them. Soon, Mother Teresa felt that she had to do more. What she really wanted to do was to care for the poorest of the poor; people who were cast aside by society. She understood that to help them she had to sacrifice everything. She ate only rice, to experience their life, because that was all the poor could afford.

Write two qualities of Mother Teresa.
Ans. Service and sacrifice are the two qualities of Mother Teresa.
Why did Mother Teresa decide to live among the ‘poorest of the poor’?
Ans. Because she wanted to help them as they were cast aside by the society.
Why did she eat only rice?
Ans: She ate rice to experience their life, because that was all the poor could afford.
iv. Why did she go for medical training?
Ans. She went for medical training to know how to help the sick people.
V. List the kind of work the Mother did.
Ans. She taught children, helped sick people, sacrifice comforts to experience the life of the poor.
vi. Why do you think ‘Teresa’ was called Mother Teresa?
Ans. She took care of the people in need as mother. Thus, she was called Mother Teresa.
2. Mother Teresa wanted to care for the ‘poorest of the poor’. Find out from the passage the phrases that tell about such people.
Ans. …………..people who were cast aside by society.
3. Read the passage carefully and tick () the correct meanings of the words in bold.
i. Started off
a. began
b. entered
c. became
ii. Cast aside
a. rewarded
b. Ignored
c. punished
iii. Glimpse
a. outcome
b. experience
iv Afford
a. Pay for
b. Give up
c. manage
v Sacrifice
a. Sell out
b. Give up
C. See off
4. Use the linking words given below and join the sentences in Column
Or, and so but, because

Ans. i Mother Teresa wanted to care for the sick and she wanted to be with the poorest of the poor.
ii She ate only rice because that was all the poor could afford.
iii She loved children so she started off as a teacher.
iv She helped the poor and cared for the sick but she felt that she had to do more.
v To help the sick, she had to either arrange for a specialist or she had to go for medical training.
5. Based on the passage, write five sentences about Mother Teresa. You can use the hints given in brackets.
We can begin as: Mother Teresa had the first glimpse of poverty in India.
She loved children so she started off as a teacher. (love children)
She took care of those who were sick. (take care)
She got training to help who were sick. (get trained)
She understood that to help them she had to sacrifice everything.(sacrifice)
She really wanted to help the poorest of the poor of the society (help)

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