Excuses,Excuses and Excuses..


1. Write against each statement whether it is true or false and give reasons for your opinion.
i Beinkensopp had four grandmothers, all of them were dead.
Ans. True. As he said..
ii Beinkensopp’s hand was aching and that is why he did not iron the uniform.
Ans. False. His grandmother ironed the clothes
iii Beinkensopp was afraid of the Maths test so he made an excuse.
Ans. False. He said he had been looking forward to it.
iv. Beinkensopp did not like physical education and that is why he was always late.
Ans. True. He left his kit at home.
v . The teacher believed that Beinkensopp was telling the truth about his grandmother.
Ans. False. He said that meks four grandmother this term.

2. Fill in the blanks with the appropriate words from the brackets.
i As Beinkensopp walked into class, the teacher said, ‘Late again, Beinkensopp?’ The use of the word again’ shows that the teacher was annoyed (surprised/ annoyed/ disappointed) with Beinkensopp.
ii. Beinkensopp said that his grandmother was ‘seriously dead’ when his teacher asked him why he was late to school. This means that he wanted the teacher to believe (punish/ believe/ excuse) him.

iii. The teacher remarked, ‘that makes four grandmothers this term’. This means that Beinkensopp had four excuses (had four grandmothers/ had been late four times/ had four excuses)

iv. Beinkensopp couldn’t iron his shirt because he had a bad hand. Bad hand means he was injured. (he was injured/ he ironed badly/ he had dirty hands)

v. Beinkensopp’s teacher asked him, “What’s your excuse this time?’ This means that he believed that Beinkensopp was fooling him. (telling the truth/ fooling him/ diverting attention).

3. In the table given below write the excuses that Beinkensopp gives and the work that he wants to avoid. Also think why he could be avoiding the work.

Excuses given by Beinkensopp. Grand mother died sir,The dentist, sir, Missed the maths test, Can’t line up for physical education

Why is he giving excuses? For coming late again, absent about yesterday.looking forward to it ,dress not ironed.

4. Find other words with which you can replace the underlined words in the following lines.

1. Not my fault, sir . Fult – mistake
2. She’s seriously dead alright sir. Seriously -really
3. I know, it’s very upsetting sir . upsetting –disconcerting
4. I’d been looking forward to it, sir. looking forward to- preparing for further
5. Bad hand sir. Bad hand –poor hand

5. Think of some humourous excuses that you may give in the following,
situations. Here is an example.

Your mother wants you to go with her to the market but you want to go out and play with your friends, what excuse will you give her?


I would love to come to the market with my mother but I have decided to save money.
Now, write some excuses for the given situations
1. Your younger brother is very troublesome, he does not let you talk to your friends. But your mother asked you to look after him. What will you tell her?
Excuses: I want to move to my friend’s house for common study.

2. All the boys have to clean the courtyard after the festival of Holi, because they have played with water, mud and colour in the courtyard. Your mother asks you to clean up the mess. What excuse will you give her?
Excuses: Mom! I feel sensation after the colours got into my eyes.
3. You have a maths test tomorrow and mother wants you to study. But there is nice movie on the TV and you do not want to switch it off. What will you tell her?
Excuse: Mother! I have completed my preparation for the test yesterday itself.


1. ‘Upsetting‘ is a word used by Beinkensopp to explain his sitution. Give three more words to describe the feelings of Beinkensopp and his teacher.
Ans. Troubling 2 Nagging, disordering
2. Read the following lines of the poem
Whose fault is it then?
Grandma’s, sir
Grandma’s? What did she do?
She died sir.
The responses in the conversation are rhetoric. for Eg.: The word ‘Grandma’s’ is used instead of ‘It is Grandma’s fault, sir’. Find out such other expressions used in the poem.
Ans. The lines in the peom suggest the expression:
“You were absent yesterday
That was the dentist,Sir
The dentist died?
No sir, my teeth sir”

“Right, line up for PE
There is no such wordas can’t Beinkensopp.
No Kit sir.
Where is it?
Home sir.

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