Comprehension 1. Answer the following questions. 1. What is patriotism? Ans. Patriotism means doing the job with devotion for his country. It does not mean that one needs to die for it. 2. Why is the National Anthem not played in the cinema halls these days? Ans. People used to leave the hall midway, laughing … Read more

A Great Moment for All those Children

Comprehension Answer the following questions. 1. Why did Adam Smith call Kailash Satyarthi? Ans. Adam Smith called him for an interview over the phone. 2. Why was Kailash Satyarthi awarded the Nobel Prize for Peace? Ans. Kailash Satyarthi spent all his life for betterment of the hundreds of the millions of children in the world … Read more

Never-Never Nest

II. Answer the following questions. 1. Choose the correct answer from the options given below each of the following questions Why didn’t Jack and Jill pay rent for their house? They didn’t pay the rent because (a) they were too poor to pay the rent. (b) they were staying in the house illegally. (c) they … Read more

Excuses,Excuses and Excuses..

Comprehension 1. Write against each statement whether it is true or false and give reasons for your opinion. i Beinkensopp had four grandmothers, all of them were dead. Ans. True. As he said.. ii Beinkensopp’s hand was aching and that is why he did not iron the uniform. Ans. False. His grandmother ironed the clothes … Read more

Uncle Podger Hangs a Picture

1. Given below is a list of items Uncle Podger used in order to hang the picture, Read the story again and list them in the order in which they are used in the story. string, nails, ladder, picture, hammer, rule, spirit level, light, picture cord ans. Picture, nails, hammer, rule, ladder, light, picture cord, … Read more

The Girl Who Asked Why

COMPREHENSION I Tick ()the correct option 1 The girl did not agree to her mother’s view that girls should a) Learn to cook. b) Do household chores. c) Marry at a certain age. 2 The parents believed that the girl should marry q) at a certain age. b) take care of her husband. c) cook … Read more

Including All My Friends

Comprehension 1 Tick( ) the correct alternative. i “I like to play with my friends they like to play with me”. Who are “I” “ my friends”? a Poet and his relatives b A disabled child and his friends. c The boy and his classmates ii What did the bad guys do? a Played and … Read more

Swami is Expelled from School

Comprehension I (A). Tick the correct alternative. 1. The day before the punishment was given by the Headmaster, Swaminathan_ (i) was not present in the school. (ii) broke the panes of the ventilation. (iii) left the school after lunch hour. (iv) had a fight with friends. 2. “Swaminathan was deaf to a question that the … Read more