Including All My Friends

1 Tick( ) the correct alternative.
i “I like to play with my friends they like to play with me”. Who are “I” “ my friends”?
a Poet and his relatives
b A disabled child and his friends.
c The boy and his classmates

ii What did the bad guys do?
a Played and talked to us
b Said bad words about us
c Said that they’re our friends.

iii Why are we all the same?
A We all look alike
B We are all playing
C We all are human beings

2 Tick ()the correct statements about the poem. You may choose more than one option.
a everyone should be treated alike.
b some people need special care.
c New friends are not allowed in the play.
d All children have the same kinds of hair and skin.
e There is more than what we can see.
f Mean people see differences in children.

3 Who are the ‘bad guys’ mentioned in the poem? Why are they called ‘bad guys’?
Ans. The group of boys who came to disturb them are ‘bad guys here.
They use bad words about their skin or hair or the way they talk and play. So they are called ‘bud guys’.

4 List the things the ‘bad guys’ bother the children about?
Ans. They use bad words about their skin of hair and make fun of how they walk and play.
5 What can we understand ‘if we use more than our sight.’
Ans. It shows togetherness brings joy and happiness in spite of being disabled
6 Why do you think these lines have been spoken?
We didn’t want to hear their words.
Ans. Speaker don’t pay attention to the words.
We know that they’re not right
Ans. speaker has the power of self assessment
Some need a special tube to breathe
Ans pity on certain group
If we use more than our sight
Ans Optimistics
They only look skin deep.
Ans Narrow minded people.

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