Adventures of Ibn Battuta


Answer the following questions.
1Who was Ibn Battuta?
Ans. Ibn Battuta was a true traveler who was born in Tangier.
2 What was the first journey of Ibn Battuta?
Ans. His fist journey was a pilgrimage to the holy city of Makkah.
3 To whom is Ibn Battuta narrating his journeys?
Ans. Ibn Battuta is narrating to his journeys to his nephew,Ahmed.
4. What does one learn by traveling around the world, according to Ibn Battuta?
Ans. According to Ibn Battuta one can learn both good and bad things,        culture of different countries.
5 Did Ibn Battuta discontinue his journey when he fell ill in Constatine?            What did his friends do for him?
Ans. No. Ibn Battuta did not discontinue his journey when he fell ill. His friends put him on his old donkey and hit the donkey from behind to make it go quickly down the road.

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6. Were the travels of Ibn Battuta adventurous ? Give reason(s) for your answer.
Ans. Yes, his journey was adventurous. He fell ill. He had fear of losing all his money but he did not stop.
7. Ibn Battuta travelled around the word for various reasons. What would be your reasons to travel?
Ans. I would love to travel beautiful places to create awareness of tourism.

Sentence and Fragments
1 After School on Friday …… F……
2 We put food in the cat’s dish. …..S……
3 The noise in the library …… F……
4 From the post office to the mall …… F……
5 Everyone worked hard on the project ……. S……….
6 We always order sweets on Saturday night
7 An advertisement on TV …… F……
8 During the land acquisition in Chhattisgarh …… F……
9 whose bicycle is on the pavement
10 Due to the heavy rain and flooding …… F……
11 Why is everyone so late ……. S……….
12 Happy day ……. S……….
13 Working on the project …… F……
14 Shut up ……. S……….
15 In the forest…… F……

Practice exercise
Ans the following questions
1 Who asked Ibn Battuta to be the caravan judge?
Ans. Caravan of Pilgrims asked Ibn Battuta to be the caravan judge.
2 Why wasn’t there a lot to see in Pharos?
Ans. The Pharos was in ruins so there wasn’t a lot to see in.
3 What made Ibn Battuta happy after talking to the holy man?
Ans. Thought of going to go far made Ibn Battuta happy after talking to the holyman.
4. Which place did Ibn Battuta have in mind when he thought that he was “going to go far”?
Ans. Ibn Battuta had India and China in his mind when he thought that he was “going to go far”.

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2 State whether the folloiwng statements are true or false. Tick the true statements and cross the false ones. 

i Ibn Battuta did not feel very happy when he was asked to be the judge.false
ii Pharos was well kept. false
iii. The big lighthouse and Pharos were in Alexandria. True

iv. Burhan AI-Din could see things that were likely to happen. True
v. Ibn Battuta dreamt that he was going to visit India and China. True.

2 State whether the folloiwng statements are true or false. Tick the true statements and cross the false ones.
i Ibn Battuta did not feel very happy when he was asked to be the judge. False
ii Pharos was well kept. False
iii. The big lighthouse and Pharos were in Alexandria. True
iv. Burhan AI-Din could see things that were likely to happen. True
v. Ibn Battuta dreamt that he was going to visit India and China. True.

Tick the most appropriate replacements for the understanding words/phrases in each of the following sentences.
1 “haros was in ruins.”
a Not properly looked after
b. completely destroyed
c fully repaired
ans. Completely destroyed
ii I left Tunis in a caravan of pilgrims.
a tourists b worshippers c travelers
ans. worshppers
iii Did you go up
a visit b climb
c see
ans climb
iv that’s the lighthouse from long ago.
A tower guiding ships b a well-lit house c an electric power station
Ans. a tower guiding ships

4 Read the passage carefully and fill in the blanks with appropriate words so that it changes the sentences in italics into reported speech.
1 they asked me if I could be the judge in their caravan.
2 I responded quickly that I knew that was a big light house from long ago and asked if I went up.
3 I was happy that I was going to visit India and China and on my travels I was going to meet many old friends.
6 identify the simple, compound and complex sentences
1 I we should eat healthy food. Simple
2 Our English teacher is the only teacher who got the best writer’s prize this year.Complex
3 The police found the lost car Simple
4 The police found the car that was lost Complex
5 I can speak loudly. Simple
6 talk softly simple
7 I watched the boy simple
8 I watched the boy climb tree. Simple
9 He ran fast in the beginning and got tired soon Compound
10 what he said made me laugh complex
11 She knew that she would win the match Complex
12 The house where she lives is very old complex
13 Although he tried a lot he could not climb the wall Complex
14 They came to the station well on time but waited there the whole day. Complex
15 the management and the staff announced the result simple
16 she is generally nice but at times she can be rude compound.

7 Combine the following simple sentences into compound or complex sentence.

1 The food is nice. The restaurant is dirty.
Ans. The food is nice but the restaurant is dirty.
2 She recited a poem. It made the child smile.
Ans. She recited a poem which made the child smile.
3 I was excited. Our caravan arrived in Alexandria
Ans. I was excited when our caravan arrived in Alexandria.
4 At night I like to watch TV. My sisiter likes to talk to grandma.
Ans. At night I like to watch TV while sisiter likes to talk to grandma
At night I like to watch TV but sisiter likes to talk to grandma
6 The train had left the station. I reached the station.
Ans. The train had left before I reached the station.
7 I live in an old flat. It was built 30 years ago.
Ans.I live in an old flat that was built 30 years ago.
8 I got up quite early to catch the train. I missed it.
Ans. I got up quite early to catch the train but I missed it.

8 Work in groups and discuss the following
When you were in the following situations, what did you do?
1 someone falling
Ans. I would rush and save him.
2 a friend stepping into a hole
Ans. I warned him/her from the danger.
3 someone smoking in public place
Ans. I would tell them the law which says “smoking in public places is against it”. I would request him to stop smoking there and asked to go a far for smoking.
4 someone strong troubling a weaker person
Ans. I advised him/her and say “Bothering weak is a sin.”
5 children teasing someone
ans. I told them it was not good to tease others. We ought to respect every one irrespctive of caste, creed and religion.

10 Look at the picutures carefully. They Tell a story.

There are two donkeys tied together. There are also patch of grass on some distance in opposite. The donkey that tie together their heads are in opposite side and both want to eat separate patch of grass. They pull against each other to eat owns patch of grass but they are not successful to reach the place. They try again with full confidence and with force. Again they fail to reach the patch of grass. They are tired and sit together and think what to do. At last they find solution. Both eat first patch of grass first, then after second patch of grass together. In this way both are happy.

Read the following
Tick the correct alternative for each of the following questions.
1 Why is the Town mentioned in the poem curious?
A Everyone there asks questions.
B No one does the right thing.
c. Everything is strange.
Why does the poet talk about getting ready for a shower of pelting ice?
A it was going to rain.
b. there would be a hailstorm.
C The animals in the town would get angry.
iii Which creature climbs a tre in “Curious Town”?
a puppy
b Kitten
c frog

iv What flows in the river with “Curious Town”?
a water
b fire
c dew

V What is packed in the volcano in “Curious Town”?
A fire
B ash
c Dew

How many colours does the rainbow in “Curious Town hav?
A less than eight
B More than eight
C eight

VII How many days are there in week in “Curious Town”?
A seven b two c six ans. two
VIII Curious Town”here means
A strange town
B a beautiful town
C an ordinary town

2complete the following grid on the basis of the poem

Things and creatures
Kitten barks mews
Puppy mews bark
Frog climbs up a tree hop
River flows with fire packed with dew
Volcano rainbow more than eight colors seven colours
Rain hails showers

Q What are the unusual things happening in  curious Town ?
Ans The unusual things happening in “curious town’ are& A kitten bakrs, puppy mews, frog climb up a tree, croaks in curious way, shower is going to hail! River flow fire, volcano is packed with dew, rainbow more than egight colours and there are two days in a week.
2 List the creatures mentioned in Curious Town
Ans. Kitten, puppy and frog
4 Choose the correct option.
1 The word curious in the poem means
Ans. a not known b strange c eager to know d different
2 The word hue in the poem refers to
A bloom b change c colour d strands
3 pelting is associated with
a volcanoes b rivers c soil d stones

5 Read the given lines
And there the river flows with fire,
The volcano is packed with dew
Complete the word web with natural characters associated with the river and the volcano

River -Flowing water
Waves stream

Volcano– fire ash and smoke molted materials, lava

6 imagine that you have seen Curious Twon where people work for only two days a week. Write down the advantages and disadvantages of the situation


Less work,Ample of time Lot of work work

Tick the correct homophone in each sentence given below
Ans. 1 Lets weigh advantages and disadvantages of getting home work form school.
2 she was so tired that she could not open her eyes.
3 There is only one week left for the examination.
4 She was so hungry that she ate all her food that she had received in the midday meal.
5We experienced hail and storm yesterday.
6 the questions paper was too difficult to complete in two hours.
7 The witch cast a spell on the naughty boy.
8 The night was clear with dew on the grass.

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