Uncle Podger Hangs a Picture

1. Given below is a list of items Uncle Podger used in order to hang the picture, Read the story again and list them in the order in which they are used in the story.
string, nails, ladder, picture, hammer, rule, spirit level, light, picture cord
ans. Picture, nails, hammer, rule, ladder, light, picture cord, spirit level, string.
II. Answer the following questions.
1. Do you think the children in the house were fools? Why did Uncle Podger think so about them?
Ans. No ! Uncle Podger himself clumsy, careless and forgetful but blamed others.
2. Despite telling that he would hang the picture himself, why was Uncle Podger not able to do it?
Ans Uncle Podeger did not know how to hang pictures on walls. He was always dependent on others even for small works.
3. The story of hanging the picture is incomplete. Write what happened after Uncle Podger dropped the hammer at the end of the story.
Ans. At the end, Uncle Podeger will blame others for disturbing his mind and will leave the work for some time.
4. Write down four actions that make Uncle Podger a funny character.
He would send the maid out for nails and then sent other boy to inform her about size of the nail.
He was seating on the coat which he said to be lost.
He had lost the hammer when he found nail.
He lost the mark after he had found nails.
5. What did Aunt Maria say when Uncle Podger used bad language? What does it tell you about her character?
Ans. He said that he would not allow children to stand round and here such languages. This shows here careful character.

Question Paper Solved Class X

English Paper Soloved Class X SET A

6.Did Aunt Maria have confidence that Uncle Podger will hang the picture? Quote the line that makes you think so.
Ans. Aunt maria did not have confidence that Uncle Podger will hang the picutre. She would make an arrangement to go and spend a week with her mother while it was being done.
7. How many times did Uncle Podger fail to hang the picture? List the evidences from the story.
Ans. He lifted up the picture and dropped it.
He took the nail in his hand and dropped it.
He lost the hammer
He lost the sight of the mark
The string slied and he fell down.
He stroke his thumb and dropped the hammer
Read the incidents given in the table below and pick out adjectives from box to describe Uncle Podger.
disorganized, forgetful, blames others, careless, clumsy, impatient
Incidents from the story
Adjectives describing Uncle Podger’s Character
He dropped the picture, hammer and nail. carelessness
He took off his coat and didn’t know that he was sitting on it. Forgotfull
And he would take the rule and measure again, and find that he wanted half of thirty one and three-eighths inches from the corner and would try to do it in his head, and go mad- clumsy
He shouted at all the children for not being able to find the coat when he was sitting on it himself. Blames others
He sent the maid to get nails without telling what size. disorganized
He said even a cat can find things that his family cannot. Impatient
II For each of the following sentences, choose either ‘used to’ or ‘would’. If both are possible, use ‘would’.
1. When I was a child, my father used to pick me up and throw me in the air. I would love it.
2. My uncle used to have a bicycle, when I was young. He would take me for a ride.
3. For years, I used to be afraid of ghosts, as my grand-mother would tell me stories of them every night.
4. I would become Krishna during Janmastami every year in childhood, and every year. I used to break Matki
5. I would know many songs as a child, so my friends used to ask me to sing every time we worked in the fields.
6. When I was five, I used to be able to do incredible stunts. I would climb every tree in the neighbourhood and swing like a monkey.
III Read the conversation and fill in the blanks with “used to” or “would” Use “used to” to describe states in the past and “would to describe habits in the past.

Shahila: Hey guys, how about making biryani on Friday?
Shabana: Hmm, I’m not sure if biryani is such a good idea…
Rajiv: But you used to love biryani? What happened ? I remember that we would eat lots of it when your mother would make it for Eid.
Shabana: I stll do. But yesterday we had some, and…
Rajiv: Ok, I see. Well, then I have a better idea. Let’s have a potluck party. I will prepare some cabbage curry, the way mom used to do it. I would like it a lot when I was a kid. And Shabana can make some fried rice.
Shahila: Really? I used to hate cabbage when I was a child. But now I like it. Maybe I can prepare some kheer.

Dear Friend
I have lost my cricket kit bag in the school campus. It’s mixture of blue and red with yellow strip over it. I have pasted a picture of Sachin on it.
If anyone has got to see it nearby the campus, please return to the undersigned. I would be very thankful to the person whosoever does it.

Rearrange the sentences to describe the order in which uncle Podger made mistakes while hanging the picture.
Ans. He dropped the picture.
He dropped the picture
He tried to save the glass and cut himself.
He dropped the nail
He lost the hammer.
He forgot where he had made the mark to hammer the nail.
He fell down while measuring with the string.
Ans. Uncle Podger made a lot of mistakes while trying to hang the picure. First he would lift it up and drop it and it would come out of the frame and he would try to save the glass and cut himself. Then he would thake the nail in his hand and drop it
Next he would have lost the hammer. Ater that he would have lost th sight of the mark he had made on the wall and also the original number. Finally he would strike his thumb and dropped the hammer, with a loud cry on somebody’s toes.

Practice Exercise

Fill in the blanks with these words.

Class VI इतिहास विषय के प्रश्न उत्तर देखने के लिए नीचे लिंक पर क्लिक कीजिए!

इतिहास विषय के प्रश्न उत्तर (Class VI)

i Aunt Jane gives Jack a cheque so that he can pay off one of his instalments.
Jack will have to check whether he is now spending less than he earns.
ii Aunt Jane says that Jack’s car has only one tyre because he does not own it completely. If Jack continues to buy things on installments, the burden of the loan is certainly going to tire him.
iii Aunt Jane wants Jack to live in peace. She does not want him to own just a piece of the things he buys.
3 Read the following lines carefully and rewrite the poem as it would be you can choose the words from the given box

The earch, do shed, breath, take

Nothing to breath but air,
Nowhere to sleep but the earth
Nothing to shed but tears
Nothing to do but work

4. Tick() the correct options in these sentences.

i. Aunt Jane hates () to owe money to anybody. ii. Jack and Jill like/likes to buy things on instalment.

iii. The Corporation lends money on a note of hand.

iv. Both Jack and Jill do/ not agree with Aunt Jane.

v. people buy things only if they have money.
vi. Everyone is not a spendthrift.

5. Fill in the blanks with the correct forms of the verbs in brackets.
i. What time does the shops open here?
ii. It has been raining since morning.
iii. We watched a film last evening.
iv. He reached the station by the time the train arrives.
v. She has gone to New York many times

Use appropriate punctuation mark sand capital letters wherever necessary in the following passages. (You may look at the table giving details about punctuation marks in the Unit Adventure.

Ans. i. A woman went inside a shop and said to the man behind the counter.”Why are the signs in your shop window full of spelling and grammatical mistakes?”. The man replied so that people think that I am a fool, and come inside expecting to get the best of me. Since i put up those signs business has boomed.

ii. A man walking along the road said to a woman working in a field. “Excuse me, how long will it take to get to the next village?” The woman didnt answer so the man kept walking. He hadnt gone far when he heard the woman call out. “It’ll take you about 30 minutes. “Why didn’t you tell me when I asked you asked you.?” Asked the surprised man. The woman replied then.”I didnt know how fast you were going to walk did I.”

ii. Hari walked into a pet shop and asked the shop owner if he could buy the following items 391 beetles 17 mice and 10 cockroaches. The shop owner said. “I am sorry sir, but we can only supply the mice. “Why do you want all these creatures?” “I have been asked to vacate my flat.” said the young man, and my landlord says that I must leave the place exactly as I found it

iv. Aunt Jane: “Good heavens! And how much do you earn?”

Jack: “As a matter of fact-er-that is-six pounds.”

Aunt Jane: “But that’s absurd! How can you pay seven pounds eight and eight pence out of six pounds?

Jack: “Oh that’s easy. You see all you have to do is to borrow the rest of the money for the payments from the Thrift and Providence Trust Corporation.”

Jill: “They’re only too glad to loan you any amount you like on note of hand alone.”

Aunt Jane: “And how do you propose to pay that back Jack?”
Jack:” Oh that’s easy too You just pay it back in instalments.”

Words such as and, but, or, nor, for, yet, so, not only…but also, neither…nor, either…or join sentences or clauses of equal rank.

7. Complete these sentences by using suitable coordinating conjunctions.

i. We can either start right now or I wait for him to come.
ii. She got a bit late for it took her a while to find a parking space.
iii I am Batman and that’s the Batmobile. a matter of pride
iv. For him, it was neither a matter of pride nor a matter of shame, but.simply a matter of fact.
v. She forgot her spectacles at home so she sat in the front row.
vi. They weren’t too excited about the event yet they didn’t want to miss it either.
Subordinating Conjunctions
Words such as because, since, after, before, though, till, while, when, why come at the beginning of subordinate or dependent clauses, and join them to the main or independent clauses.
8. Complete these sentences using suitable subordinating conjunctions and their types after the sentences.
i. What would have happened if (Condition) he hadn’t come on time?
ii. Don’t forget to consider all points of view when (time) or while you give your opinion.
iii She opened the window because (reason)the room was all hot and stuffy
ivAlthough (concession) they still are in disagreement over some points, the major issues of conflict have been resolved.
v After (Time) We had finished dinner; we went out for a stroll.
vi He borrowed the phone so that ( purpose) he could play the game on it.

Messy Room

1 Answer the questions given below.
Pick out the line(s) that indicate(s) the season.
Ans. It’s rainy season. Lines are; His raincoat is there in the overstuffed..And the chair is becoming quite mucky and damp.
ii What is wrong with the chair?
Ans. The chair is becoming mucky and damp.
What do these lines suggest about the character of the person who owns the room?
Ans. The person is lazy and careless.
iii Make a list of the clothes mentioned in the poem.
Ans. Clothes mentioned in the poem are underwear, raincoat, sweater, scarf and ski.
iv What items other than clothes are mentioned
lamp, chair, workbook , TV
v What does the word Messy suggest? Think of other situations where you may use this word?
Ans. Messy Means dirty. Railway station, bus station, roads also messy

2 Fill in the blanks with appropriate words from the list given below:

Carelessly, beneath, hang, damp, ashamed, overstuffed

i if you can’t clean your room, you should be ashamed of yourself.
ii I have eaten too much, I feel overstuffed.
iii It is raining outside, and the table inside is damp.
iv Our cats sit beneath the TV
v We do not even have a nail in our room to hang a picture.
vi You spend carelessly.

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