How The Little Kite Learned To Fly?

In the table given below there are some sentences from the poem in column A in Column B put a tick mark on who said these sentences; the big kite or the small kite

Sentences/Phrases Big Kite Small Kite
I know I should fall if I tried to fly
I can never do it.
Try only try !
Or I fear you wil never learn at all
I’m afraid I’ll fall
‘Ah well, good bye; I’m off
Ho, how happy I am!
And all because I was brave, and I tried.

II Tick the appropriate answer
1 The big kite flew away because…
a he was kind.
b he wanted to encourage the little kite.
c he was clever d he was bold.

2 In the beginning the little kite was
a inspired
b not confident
c thrilled d excited
3 the little kite succeeded because of
a the big kite
b his efforts
c the wind d other kites.

III. Answer the following questions.
1. What was the little kite afraid of?
ans. The little kite was afraid of flying. He thought he would fall if he flied.
2. Why did the little kite’s paper stir?
Ans. The little kite’s paper stirred for free fly.
3. How did the boys look like from the sky?
Ans The boys looked like small spots.
4. Pick out the words from the poem that tell us that the little kite was frightened.
ans. Lines that shows the little kite was frightened;
(i)I never can do that
(ii) i should fall if I tried to fly
(iii) I’m afraid I’ll fall
5. How did the little kite feel when it sailed up in the sky?
Ans. The little kite thrilled with pride as he sailed up in the sky.
6. Who were the little kite’s companions up in the sky?
Ans. Birds and clouds were the littel kite’s companions up in the sky.

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