Swami is Expelled from School


I (A). Tick the correct alternative.

1. The day before the punishment was given by the Headmaster, Swaminathan_

(i) was not present in the school.

(ii) broke the panes of the ventilation.

(iii) left the school after lunch hour.

(iv) had a fight with friends.

2. “Swaminathan was deaf to a question that the Headmaster was putting to him.” This means that

(i) Swaminathan was not paying attention.

(ii) Swaminathan did not have an answer.

(iii) Swaminathan could not hear properly.

(iv) the headmaster’s question was not clear to Swaminathan.

3. “I don’t care for your dirty school,” Swaminathan muttered these words because

(i) the school was untidy.
(ii) he loved to stay at home.
(iii) he was humiliated by the headmaster.

(iv) he had found a better school for himself
1. Answer the following questions.
1. What was the mood of the Headmaster when he entered the class?
Ans he was angry when he entered the class.
2. How did Swaminathan react to the questions put by the Headmaster?
Ans. He didn’t really pay much attention. He felt helpless.
3. Why was the peon called? What did he tell about Swaminathan?

Ans The peon was called to tell what Swaminanthan did last day at the school. The peon told that he saw Swaminanthan break the panes of the ventilators of the headmaster’s room.

II. Complete the Table as shown below..


Characters in the story Excuses given by the students Headmaster’s reaction Do you agree/disagree with the headmaster’s reaction
1Swaminathan He just said he could not come He called the peon to know the truth Agree
2 First boy Attack of headache He asked to bring him a medical certificate Agree
3 second boy He retruned home as he was reported there is no school. He said that if he listened to every loafer like this then he desereved to be flogged Disagree
4 Third boy Attack of headache
5. Fourth boy He had stomachache
6. Fifth boy His grandmother suddenly died Asked him questions to seek the truth and suspended Disagree




Complete the crossword using the clues given below. The first letter of each word has been given.
Use the words in the crossword and fill in the blanks with their correct forms.
1 The teacher’s face flushed at the sight of a dirty classroom.
2 The frail boxer, gave a massive blow to the opponent in desperation.
3 How could you humiliate me in front of all my friends.
4 He stammered an answer that he could not even reconstruct later, when he had calmed down.
5 If children are defiant in classroom, they should get punishement.
6 My mother’s ominous look let me know I was in trouble.
I Complete the following poem with appropriate words using the clues given after the poem.
A personality with eminnece,
always with ominous
The moment he comes, we look into our books.
By hearing his harsh voice,
our condifence is lost,
In spite of knowing the answer,
we stammer at any cost.
The way he put the questions
our sences frost,
We try to recall, and strom our minds,
But alas! the fear
all the lessons are lost,
We feel ourselves in desperation
but nothing can be done
And then he announces the punishment,
homeworks from his shot gun.


I had never been abroad- before I visited Singapore

I had reached me- when the train started.

The train had left- before I reached the station

I had completed my work- and then I went to sleep.

They had already boarded the flight- when the announcement was made.

Complete the sentences below with ideas of your own.

  • When I reached the theatre ( I missed the first song)
  • All of us ran out of the class after the bell had rung.
  • I had gone to the market before my relatives arrived.
  • After I had completed my work I went to bed
  • As I reached home father latched the door.
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