An Open letter To the Teacher From a Child with Autism


Tick the features that represent Louie’s nature.
i. He does not make mistakes.
ii. He feels shy when he is with other students.
iii. He does not like strong lights.
iv. He loves to be alone.
v. He is confused when he has to talk to others.Write
vi. He likes honest people.
vii. He doesn’t want people to look into his eyes.

2. Choose the correct options from the brackets and fill in the blanks.-

Louie doesn’t like to miss his social skill class (Regular schedule/Social Skill classes)
Louie likes the teacher speaking in gentle (low / gentle.) Voice.
Louie is distracted by noises (noises/cars).
Louie is sometimes hurt (hurt /pleased) by words.

Indicate Louie’s views on the following by putting a tick () in theappropriate boxes.

3. Likes Dislikes
1.other students Likes
Lunch Club Like
Noises and lights Dislikes
regular schedule Likes
Social Skills. Likes
speaking truth Likes
trying new things Likes
Missing classes Dislikes
people moving around Dislikes

4 Answer the following questions.
1 What problems does Louise have?
Ans. Louise was suffering from autism. He cannot express his thought verbally or on peper.
2 Why does Louie need a break?
Louise needs a break to walk around as he was tried doing hard work.
3 Does Louie appreciate praise without doing anything? Comment.
No. Lines “I like regular schedule” , and “ I want to learn” gives hints of his desire.
4Why does not Louie want to go to “Social Skills” or “Speech”?
Ans. Because he likes to be in regular classes to learn new things from his teachers
5 When did Louie feel scared?
Ans. When his teacher said that his mother had gone
6 Why does Louie say the teacher is good?
Ans. Louise says his teacher is good because he helps him to learn how to try which enables him to do things on his own.


This is a letter in reply to Louie’s letter. Complete the letter using the expressions/sentences from the hints given below.
Dear Louie
Thank you for such a lovely letter I know you don’t like noise. Nobody likes them. Speech & skill classes will help you, you won’t miss the regular classes. Well, I will try to change the timings so you have to attend them & your friends. Your classmates are your friends and you won’t miss the regular classes. They will also like if you look into their eyes & speak. Just remember we all love you a lot.
With love
Your teacher

1. Write true or false against each sentence.

a) The girl was included in the scholars’ panel. true.
b) Another scholar more competent than the girl challenged her
c) The girl was selected on her own worthiness.– true

d) The king stopped her from joining the panel. false

e) The girl became the first scholar true

f) The girl did not take part in the scholars’ discussion.-false

g) Many hymns composed by the girl were included in the book true

2. Tick() the correct response for each of the following: a) During the scholars’ meet

i. the girl asked many questions.

ii.the girl headed the panel.
iii the girl anwered many questions.
iv the girl took part in many discussions.

b. The final draft of the compiled book had
i none of the hymns composed by the girl.
ii all the hymns composed by the girl.
iii many hymns composed by the girl.
iv only one hymn composed by the girl.

c Some people said that the girl
i opened an academy for girl.
ii constructed a book of hymns.
iii wrote many different stories.
iv became the first woman scholar.

d The girl was selected to the panel on the basis of her..
i presentation
iii brilliance
iv looks.

3 Answer the following questions in brief
Which of the words became adjectives and which become nouns?
Noun:- Brightness, worthiness, discussion
Adjectives:- beautiful, careless, doubtful
Make new words by adding suffixes to the following. Also mention whether they are nouns or adjectives.
a cleverness
b colourful
c thankful
d goodness
e woderful
f hopeful
g mildness
h faithful
i thoughtful

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