1. Answer the following questions.
1. What is patriotism?
Ans. Patriotism means doing the job with devotion for his country. It does not mean that one needs to die for it.
2. Why is the National Anthem not played in the cinema halls these days?
Ans. People used to leave the hall midway, laughing shouting and creating a racket. So, the government decided to stop the playing of the National Anthem
3. Why did Nanaji take Ajit and Naina to Himapet?
Ans. Nanaji took Ajit and Naina to Himapet to tell the real story of Ajit who sacrificed his life for his country.
4. Why did Akash decide to settle down in India? What does it show about his character?
Ans. Akash decided to settle down in India to repay his debut to his country by serving the people here. This shows his patriotic character.
5. How did the villagers express their gratitude to the service provided by Akash?
Ans. Villagers launched a drive to collect donation for building a hospital in village. It named after him “Akash Memorial Hospital”.
6. What difference do you notice between Akash and his friends?
Ans. Akash had love and devotion for his country while his friends were selfish and no devotion for country.

7. If you were in Akash’s position what would you have done?
Ans. I would also have come back to India to serve its people.
III Now complete the following compound words

1 Identity card
2 head mastar…
3 pen card.
4 letterbox
5 moon -light
6 book-seller
7 ball pen
8 black-board
9 table-lamp

Read the dialogues and choose the most appropriate options to complete

dialogues. i. Doctor: Take this medicine for a week and you’ll start to feel better.
Patient: Although I’ve used it before and it did not help at all. Doctor: Are you sure? It’s the best in the market.

Patient: Yes I am. Can you please suggest some other medicine?.

a. Although
b. In spite of
c. But
ii. Sarah: I can’t wait for you. You are coming, right?

Ramdeen: Yes, Though I have to work late; I’ll be there later.

a. Though
b. In spite of
c. But
2. Fill in the blanks with correct alternative:

i In spite of the public’s anger, the government passed the new law.

a. Nevertheless
b. In spite of
c. Even though
ii. You did very well in your test,nevertheless I recommend you to practice reading some more for the next one.
a. while
b. in spite of
c. nevertheless
ii. They decided to go ahead with the public,in spite of the bad weather.
a. while
b. in spite of
c. even though

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