The Missing Whistle

1 The Tick the correct answer.
I When Piglet could not open the door, he-
a knocked the door b pushed the door
c kicked the door d went back
ans. b pushed the door

ii Piglet went to see the rabbit
a before lunch b before breakfast c after lunch d after dinner
Ans. c after lunch
iii Rabbit lost his whistle
a at night b in the evening
c at noon d in the morning
ans. d in the morning
2 Which line in the lesson tells you that Piglet was lost in the pile of things?
Ans. I’m here !”, said Piglet,
scrambling out of the pile of things
Rabbit had thrown over him.
Two words are given. Put a (✔) tick mark in the space provided if the words rhyme with each other and (X) cross mark if they don’t

night kite ✔

1. cry dry ✔

2. grumble scramble X

3. lunch bunch ✔

4. fetch catch ✔

5. mess guess ✔

6. file fail X

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