Dear Diary

1 Read the diary carefully and make notes.

Where How What
Dadi Ma’s house at Jagdalpur By train They took some rest. Asha went with her uncle to the market. Babloo was busy with Dadi Ma
Chitrakut Waterfall By Taxi The waterfall was looking beautiful. The effect of lights added to its beauty
Kanger valley National Park By Taxi There they saw many wild animals and birds in their natural surroundings. After lunch they took rest and played games and danced
Kutumsar Caves by Taxi In the darkest cave there was a huge ‘Shivling’ and the world famous blind fishes in Shankar kund.
The Danteshwari Maa Temple By Taxi The Danteshwari Maa’s temple is situated where the two rivers Shankani and Dankani meet. There are three buildings in the temple.
Dongargarh. Van Offered prayers to Bamleshwari Maai. There are 1000 steps. There is one more temple at the foot of the hill. It is called Chhoti Bamleshwari Ma
Nani Ma’s house (Durg) Van They all Met her and took dinner. After dinner they all sat together and talked for a long time.

2. Answer the following questions.
1. Give the names of children mentioned in the diary.
Answer – The names of the children mentioned in the diary are –
(i) Asha as ‘I’ (ii) Babloo (iii) Swati (iv) Shanu (v) Akshat
2. Which place do you think Babloo liked most?
Answer – I think Babloo liked the Chitrakut Waterfall the most.
3. What was there in the garden of Munni Mousie?
Answer – In the garden of Munni Mousie, there was a swing and a pond with fishes.
4. Pick out from the lesson three qualities to describe Babloo’s nature.
Answer – Following are the qualities of Babloo’s nature as described in the lessons –
(i) He was a jolly boy.
(ii) He was afraid of the dark.
(iii) He enjoyed the company of children of his age.
(iv) He loved his family and relatives.
5. Why did Asha feel that her parents were partial?
Answer – Asha felt that her parents were partial because they never woke up Babloo.
Answer – Following is the list of some words related with the word – ‘Journey’
(i) visit
(ii) train
(iii) bus
(iv) Tourist Attractions.
(v) aeroplane
(vi) packing
(vii) Bus-stand
(viii) inn
(ix) travel
(x) road-side views
(xi) Taxi
2. Use the following words in your own sentences.
. arrangements – We have made all the arrangements for the meeting today.
2. frightened – Babloo was frightened in the Kutumsar Cave.
3. drive – I love to drive my car.
4. partial – Do not be partial to your students.
5. surrounding – I loved the surrounding of Kutumsar Cave.

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