Grand Children By Suprise

Reading Comprehension
Answer the following questions.
1. Read the letter given in the lesson carefully and answer the following questions.
a. When was the letter written?
Answer – The letter was written on 30th September
b. Where was the letter sent from?
Answer – The letter was sent from Madrid.
c. Who was the letter sent to?
Answer – The letter was sent to the grandparents by their grandchildren.
d. What was the main message in the letter?
Answer – The main message in the letter was that the grandchildren are going to give a surprise visit to their grandparents.
e. Who wrote the letter?
Answer – The grandchildren wrote the letter.
2. How was the address on the letter different from the address of the Newtons?
Answer – The Newtons lived at the Beech Avenue whereas the letter was addressed to Birch Avenue.
3. Do you find anything funny in the ad put in the newspaper? If yes, what is it?
Answer – The idea of the ad that the Newtons wanted to borrow grandchildren of any size and age was funny.
4. What did the grandchildren play with?
Answer – The grandchildren played with trucks, trains, dolls and a doll-house that Mr. Newton had made himself for them.
5. Did the children enjoy the time they spent with the grandparents?
Answer – Yes, the children enjoyed the time they spent with the grandparents.
6. “Even the clock went tock-tick.”
a. How do clocks go?
Answer – The clocks go tick-tock.
b. Why does the writer say that the clock went tock-tick?
Answer – The writer says so because he wants to show us that the children have even messed with the clock.
7. Name the things that the Newtons gave to the children.
Answer – The Newtons gave toys, cookies and lots of love to the children.

Put the words given in the list of word-meanings in the order in which you find them in the dictionary.
1 ad
5go by
8keep off
13on time
14out of place
15play a joke
2 Look at the difference in the two spellings of the words:
Neighbor -Neighbour
The first is American and the second is British. Now complete the table given below:

American spellings British spellings
Neighbor Neighbour
Color Colour
Favor Favour
Labor Labour
Valor Valour
Parlor Parlour
Vapor Vapour
Rumor Rumour
Harbor Harbour

3 Use the following phrases in your own sentences.
Out of Place, play a joke on, come by, keep off
1. Wearing my pajamas in the fancy restaurant, I felt out of place.
2. Tim decided to play a joke on his sister with a fake spider.
3. Mark finally came by the video game he wanted.
4. The sign said, “Keep off the grass” in the park.
5. The lifeguard reminded swimmers to keep off the rocks.

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