Unity is Strength

Reading comprehension
Complete the table and put the number according to the order of the events.

Quotation Order Who said it?
We are caught. What shall we do now?” 3 The dove king
“How can we save ourselves?” 4 The dove king
“No, no please free my followers first.” 7 The Dove King
“O King please can we rest a bit,?” 1 The smallest dove
“I have an idea. . ..We shall all fly up, carrying the net with us. . . .” 5  The dove king
“Very well. I shall set you free first.” 6 The mouse
“Come on, hurry up, I can see some food down there.” 2 The smallest dove

Pickup the words from the text for the following expression and write them against the expressions.
1 Noun form of strong – Strength
2 Spread over an area- scattered
3 go after something- chase
4 with each other-together
5 a huge tree with hanging roots –Banyan
6 catches/kills birds and animals –hunter/prey
7 used to catch birds-net
8 not slow-fast
9 cats love to eat it –mouse
10 you need it after a lot of works- rest
11 you need it when you are hungry – food
12 a bird-dove
13 take someone’s life- kill

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Questions and answer:
Who had scattered rice on the ground?
Ans A fat hunter had scattered rice on the ground.
What will the doves do next?
Ans. Doves will fly to hill near the city of the temples. There the dove king has a friend, a little mouse. The mouse will set the free by cutting the net with his teeth.

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