The Chinese-Our Neighbour

1.) Write the names of the two rivers mentioned in the lesson.
Ans – River Lo, River Huang Ho.
2. Where was Chang going?
Answer – Chang was going to his native village.
3. What was happening in Loyang?
Answer – The New Year celebration was happening in Loyang and everyone was in a holiday mood.
4. What was carried along the street during the festival?
Answer – A huge paper model of a dragon with twinkling little lamps lit inside was carried along the street during the festival.
5. What did the Emperor do at the beginning of the festival?
Answer – At the beginning of the festival the Emperor took part in ploughing a furrow to begin the week-long celebration.
6. What did Chang want to be?
Answer – Chang wanted to be a mandarin.
7. What shows were going on in the fair?
Answer – There were many shows of jugglers, acrobats, wrestlers, weightlifters, dancers, musicians going on in the fair.
8. Did Chang buy anything from the stalls?
Answer – No, Chang did not buy anything from the stalls.
9. Why was Chang happy?
Answer – Chang was happy to be a part of the wonderful and great Chinese Civilization.

B. 1. Tick () the correct sentences.
a. Chang lives in our age. (Wrong)
b. Chang lived before the invention of silk. (Wrong)
c. Chang lived before the invention of paper. (Wrong)
d. Chang lived during the age when paper was invented. (Right)

2. Write True or False against the statements.
a. It was the festival of harvest. (False)
b. It was the festival of lights. (False)
c. It was the festival of lanterns. (True)
d. It was the festival of New Year. (True)
e. It was the festival of kite flying. (False)

3. Choose the correct answer.
1. The Great Wall of China is
a. 2,500 kms long b. 2,700 kms long
c. 2,300 kms long d. 2,400 kms long
Answer – d. 2400 kms. long
2. The wall is stretched along the river
a. Lo b. Huang Ho
c. Yellow river d. Si-Kiong
Answer – b.Huang Ho

A Add ” ion” to the words given in column A and write them in column. B One is done for you


Calculate Calculation
Celebrate Celebration
Dictate Dictation
Participate Participation 
Vacate Vacation 
Narrate Narration
Operate Operation 
Locate Location

Write the phrases as given in the example using -ed,-en,-ing.

-ed -en -ing
(Increased – price) (Wooden – furniture) (Talking – bird)
(Cooked – food) (Golden – ring) (Weeping – child)
(Coloured – pictures) (Rotten – apple) (Loving – mother)
Row 2, Cell 1 Row 2, Cell 2 Row 2, Cell 2

C. Fill in the blanks choosing the correct word from the box.

increasing, stretch, inventions, fertile, utensils, civilization

1. Land which produces good crops has fertile soil.
2. Prices of all the items are increasing now-a-days.
3. Now-a-days we are using a lot of utensils made of steel.
4. Modern age is called the age of inventions.
5. We are a part of the great Indus valley civilization.
6. Stretch a fence around this field.

D Match The Columns.

Mathematics The science of numbers
Civics The Study of government and its business
Geography The science of the description of the earth.
Biology The science of living things
Astronomy The scientific study of stars and planets
Botany The Science of plants
History The study of past events


On the basis of the description of the fair in the text write about a fair visited by you based on the following points.
1 Place
2 Month
3 Reasons
4 Description
5 Anything special
6 How you enjoyed it.

a fair visited by you

I recently had the opportunity to visit a lively fair in Jagdalpur during the month of October. The fair, located in the heart of the town, was an incredible experience for a variety of reasons. My primary motive for visiting was sightseeing, but I ended up having a wonderful time exploring the fair’s vibrant atmosphere.

The fair in Jagdalpur was a bustling and colorful event. As I strolled through the fairgrounds, I couldn’t help but be captivated by the festive ambiance. The fair was teeming with people from all walks of life, and there was a palpable sense of excitement in the air.

One of the main attractions of the fair was the wide array of swings and amusement rides. The colorful ferris wheel stood tall against the bright sky, providing breathtaking panoramic views of the entire fairground. There were also thrilling rides like roller coasters and carousels that added to the excitement.

Aside from the rides, the fair boasted numerous shops selling a variety of useful items. From handmade crafts to traditional clothing and accessories, the vendors offered a diverse range of products for visitors to peruse. It was the perfect place to pick up unique souvenirs and gifts.

What made this fair even more special was the inclusion of cultural performances and entertainment. I was treated to traditional dance and music performances that showcased the rich heritage of the region. It was a wonderful opportunity to immerse myself in the local culture and traditions.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time at the fair in Jagdalpur. The combination of thrilling rides, vibrant market stalls, cultural performances, and the overall festive atmosphere made it a memorable experience. I relished the local cuisine, tried some of the traditional sweets, and even took a few turns on the exciting rides. It was a day filled with fun, exploration, and a deep appreciation for the culture and spirit of the place. My visit to the Jagdalpur fair was truly an unforgettable experience.

B Fill in the blanks using the words given below.

Carried, Dussehra, Bastar, dance, worship, decorated

1 Maa Dantewshwari’s temple is decorated for the festival of Dussehra
2 Maa Danteshwari’s Rath is carried on this day.
3 People from all over Chhattisgarh visit Bastar to worship Maa Danteshwari
4 The people of Bastar wear new clothes and dance in the groups.

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