From Tomorrow on

Answer the following questions.
1. When will the child become sad ?
Ans – Tomorrow
2. What does she want to be today ?
Ans – Glad
3. “From tomorrow on I shall be sad” –What does the child mean when she says so ?
Ans – It means that tomorrow will never come, it always comes as today so the child will always be glad.
A.) Look at the pictures given below and fill in the blanks with the related words :

I feel glad when I’ve done something well.
People hurting each other makes me feel sad.
My friend is afraid of big dogs.
I get angry when I am asked to sing a song on the stage.
B.) Here are some words given in the box. Make sentences using these words. The first one is done for you.
happy, angry, sad, frightened, surprised
Example :
When I stood first in the class,
I felt very happy.
Ans –When someone hit me,
I feel very angry.
When I lose to someone,
I feel sad.
I was very frightened of my friend’s dog.
When someone gave me a gift,
I feel surprised.
Project Fill in the blanks with correct rhyming words and complete the poem.
Ans. Do the sums, do the sums are words of our MOM
Do them now,right now for I now not tmro
As tomorrow never comes so do them now, right now
Whether in colonies or in hut
The common word of our MOM

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