Hard to Believe

1Put a tick mark to choose the correct word or phrase to get a true statement.
1 Mummy handed a booklet/ a puzzle / a packet of detergent / to Monty.
Ans. a booklet
2 Mony’s gift was a book of interesting facts/ painted pictures/ poems.
Ans. Intersting facts.
2 one/two/three presentations were on the school display-board. ( ans. three)
4 The Mud-Mania festival is organized in the mont of January/June/ July.
ans. July
5 Elephants stuff their bells/ trunks necks with mud
ans. Bells
6 The hen lived by eating grains/eggs/chicks.
Ans. Eggs
2 . Look at the title of the selections on Monty’s school display-board. Now answer the following questions.
(a) Do you like it ?
Ans – Yes
(b) What is common in the facts under the title?
Ans – Playing with mud.
(a) What does the word ‘winged’ stand for ?
Ans – The birds
(b) What were the victories? :
Ans – (i) The parrot was able to identify its real owner.
Ans – (ii) The hen was able to survive for 47 days by eating its own eggs.
(iii) Title : MIRACLE MEN
(a) Who are the miracle men ?
Ans – Francesco Lentini and Liew Thow Lin
(b) What is miraculous in them?
Ans – Francesco Lentini had three legs and Liew Thow Lin has magnetic abilities.
3. Mention the paragraph numbers which contain the following facts / ideas.
1. People of all ages slip and slide over mud in the month of July. (10)
2. A large quantity of mud is required for the Mud-Mania festival. (10)
3. Stuffed bells help elephants in stealing bananas. (11)
4. No other bird could have known the names of a client’s children. (6)
5.If the hen had not eaten its eggs, it would have died. (7)
6. The magnetic ability of Lin was passed on to the next generations.(9)
7.Lentini played football. (8)
8. Monty won a book of amazing facts as the mystery gift. (3)
Given below are sentences that describe some actions. Choose the words from the box that match the descriptions and write them in the space provided.

1 He always threw the keys to me from a distance.
Ans. Sling ( Slung)
2 I used rough cotton and pieces of cloth to fill in the rabbit that mother stitched for me. Ans. Stuffed
3 No one had seen Bittu taking out sweets from the kitchen. Ans. Steal.
4 The fire men saved two children from the top storey of the building on fire.
Ans. Rescued
5 It was easy to snatch at the chain of the watch that hanged out from grandpa’s pocket. Ans. Dangled
6 Do not paste advertisements on the walls of the school building. Ans. Stick

2 Match the two columns to make compound words.
Ans. Mud-filled
Magnetic field
Three legged

Give one word related to the following family of words that occur in the text. The first one is done as an example.
1 A screw-drivers, hammers, saw- TOOLS.
2 Witness, judge, client – COURT
3. Take away quietly without permission. STEAL
4. Competition, prize, win- CONTEST
5. Name, house number, village. ADDRESS
6. soiled, dirty rain-MUDDY

Francesco Lentini lived in the 1930s.( Nineteen thirties) The period between 1930-1939 is called the 1930s. Now complete the following information.
Ans- (i)1960-1969. 1960s Nineteen sixties.
(ii)1979-90-1990s Ninteen Nineties
(iii)1950-1959-1950s Ninteen fivties
(iv) 1890-1899 Eighteen Nineties 1890s.
(v) 1840-. 1849 1840s Eighteen forties

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