The Great Sculler

Work in pairs. Practice the dialogues with your friend and answer as given in the example:
Ask a question from the table

Question Answer
Have you ever ridden a buffalo ? Yes, I have.
Have you ever climbed a coconut tree ? No, I haven’t
Have you ever been in the rain ? Yes, I have.
Have you ever gone to school ? Yes, I have
Have you ever flown an aeroplane ? Yes, I have
Have you ever sat in the Principal’s chair? No, I haven’t
Have you ever played jalebis? Yes, I have
Have you ever put on your father’s shoes? Yes, I have
Have you ever made jalebis ? Yes, I have
Have you ever rowed a boat? Yes, I have

A. Against each sentence given below, write ‘T’(true), ‘F’(false) or ‘DK’ (don’t know). Write ‘DK’ if the lesson does not tell you whether it is true of false:

1. Bobby Pearce’s father was a sculler. (True)
2. Bobby started sculling at a young age. (True)
3. Bobby’s father asked him to take part in the contest for fourteen year olds. (False)
4. When he was a 5 year old boy, Bobby competed with fourteen year olds. (True)
5. Bobby Pearce won only one Olympic medal. (DK)
6. Bobby’s father was a good sculler. (True)

B. Answer the following questions :
1. At the sculling club Bobby made a promise. Did he keep it?
Answer – Yes, Bobby kept his promise.

2. Do you find anything uncommon in Bobby as a sports man? What is it?
Answer – Yes, Bobby cared more for saving the ducks than his victory and Olympic Gold as a sports man.

3. Who was sculling just behind Bobby Pearce?
Answer – Ken Mayers was sculling just behind Bobby Pearce.

4. “Bobby Pearce won the race and also the hearts of millions of people.”
Does everyone who wins a race not win the hearts of people? Give your opinion.
Answer – No, everyone who wins a race does not necessarily win the heart of the people. One must have human qualities too for winning the hearts.

5. From the words given below pick up the ones that people said when he did well.
1. Oh no!
2. Buck up!
3. Well done!
4. He has done it!
5. Hurrah!
Answer – The words people said when he did well were –
1. Buck up!
2. Well done!
3. He has done it!
4. Hurrah!

6. Pick up words from the text that people said when Bobby was slowing down.
Answer – When Bobby was slowing down, people said the following words –
(i) Go-Go
(ii) Bobby, don’t stop or you will lose.
(iii) Oh! No.
(vi) Ken Mayers will win.
(v) Bobby will lose the gold.

From the puzzle given above find words which mean:
(i) continue, do not stop
(ii) make the speed less
(iii) wake from sleep
(iv) making the speed better
(v) any other meaningful word you can find

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