Hobble- Bobble

Make a list of the things the child does in a strange way
Example :

ate a cup of tea.
The things that the child does in a strange way are as follow –
(i) Drank a slice of bread.
(ii) Went to the bus stop and caught the train to school.
(iii) Rode his bicycle in the swimming pool.
(iv) Rang his friend with the broken telephone.
(v) Swam in the football field.
(vi) Watched the radio.
(vii) Lay down on the ceiling.
(viii) Read a video.


Give the correct words for the following underlined words/phrases

1. ate a cup of tea
Correct – drank a cup of tea.
2. drank a slice of bread
Correct – ate a slice of bread.
3. caught the train to school
Correct – caught the bus to school.
4. rode the bicycle in the swimming pool
Correct – rode the bicycle on the road.
5. swam from end to end of the field
Correct – ran from end to end of the field.
6. watched the radio
Correct – watched the video.
7. read a video
Correct – watched a video

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