Only God can make a tree

Reading Comprehension
A. Put a (v) tick mark on the correct alternative.
1. Who is ‘I’ in the poem ?
(a) tree
(b) women
(c) poet
(d) bird
(d) The Earth
2. The tree is like –
(a) a mother
(b) a child
(c) God
3. The tree is fed by –
(a) Another tree
(b) Mother Earth
(c) God
(d) the Robin
4 . The Earth in the poem is compared to –
(a) God
(b) a little girl
(c) a mother
(d) a tree
5. The hair of the tree is its –
(a) stem
(b) branches
(c) flowers
(d) roots

B. Answer the following questions.
1. What does the tree wear during summer?
Ans. The tree wear a nest of Robin during summer.
2. What part of the tree is referred to as its mouth?
Ans. The root of the tree is referred to as its mouth.
3. How can the tree lift its arms to pray?
Ans. It lifts its branches towards the sky to pray.
4.) Which lines show that the tree is a female ?
Ans – “And lifts her leafy arms to pray….” this line shows that the tree is a female.
5.) Who lives intimately with the tree ?
Ans – The rain lives intimately with the tree.
6.) What does the tree get from the earth’s sweet flowing breast ?
Ans – The tree gets nutritions as food from the Earth’s sweet flowing breast.
7. What lay in the bosom of the tree?
Ans. Snow lay in the bosom of the tree.
B Lebel the parts of the tree select your words from the list given in the box.

Write a paragraph about your favourite tree. Take the help of the questions given.
1 Which is your favourite tree?
2 Where is it situated?
3 How do you care for it?
4 How is it useful to you?

Mango Tree:

My favorite tree has to be the majestic mango tree that stands tall and proud in my backyard. Situated right at the heart of our garden, it’s a symbol of lush greenery and abundance. Caring for it involves regular watering, ensuring it gets ample sunlight, and occasional pruning to encourage healthy growth. The tree rewards us not only with its delicious mangoes but also provides shade on sunny days, making it a cherished spot for family gatherings. Its fruits are a source of joy and culinary delight, featuring prominently in our summer feasts. The mango tree, with its vibrant presence and sweet offerings, holds a special place in our home and hearts.

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