Reading Comprehension

Answer the following questions:

1.) Who is Mousie?
Answer: A mouse is Mousie.
2.) Where is the door of Mousie’s house?
Answer: The door of Mousie’s house is under the floor.
3.) Did the Mousie invite the cat to come to its house?
Answer: No, the Mousie didn’t invite the cat to come to its house.
4.) Why did the mouse not allow the cat to enter the house?
Answer: The mouse told the cat that it was too big to enter in its house and it(the mouse) was busy all day. The mouse knew that the cat might eat it, so it didn’t allow entering the house.
5.) Why did the mouse not like to come out of its house?
Answer: The mouse did not like to come out of its house because she feared that the cat will eat it and it was busy all day.

1. Has anyone seen the wind?
Ans.. No one has seen the wind.
b. Pick out the line from the poem which answers this question.
ans.. The line from the poem that answers this question is: “Who has seen the wind? Neither I nor you.”
2. What do leaves do when the wind is passing through?
ans.. When the wind is passing through, the leaves hang trembling.
3. 3. How do you know the wind is passing by?
Ans.You know the wind is passing by when the leaves hang trembling and when the trees bow down their heads.
4.4. Which seems to be stronger the wind or the tree? Give reasons for your
Ans. The wind appears to be stronger than the tree. This is suggested by the imagery in the poem, where the leaves are trembling and the trees are bowing down their heads in response to the wind. The wind’s effect on the leaves and trees implies its strength and power, whereas the trees seem to yield to its force.

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