The Sun Goes on a Holiday

Answer the following questions:
1. When the Sun took a holiday what did the following do? Complete the table..

Plants and animals They Do when the sun goes on a holiday
Little plant The little plant searched for the Sun.It couldn’t grow without the Sun’s rays.
Flowers and Leaves Flowers and leaves didn’t bloom. They bent low to the ground.
Trees The trees also missed the Sun.
 Mother bird Mother bird peeped out of her nest and whispered to its little ones about the darkness.
Bee The bee couldn’t find any honey and went back to its hive.
 Men, women and children Men, women and children stopped working. because there was no sun.All of them prayed for the sun rise1. –

2. Give the words used in the story for ‘home’.
Answer-a. Nest (home of the Mother bird)
b. Hive (home of the bee)
c. Abode (home of the Sun)
Question 3. what did the sun feel when he looked down?
Answer- When the sun looked down he felt very sorry. The stillness on the earth shocked the sun .The earth seemed lifeless. This made the sun very sad.
Question 4. The author said that everyone began to work on the earth because-
Answer- Everyone’s life on the earth depend on the light of sun. Nobody can live without the sun. When the sun
decided to stop his holiday and start shining again.
The work of the people which was stopped due to the disappearance of the sun was due to the rising of the sun.

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