Women for Tress

A. Answer the following questions:
1. Where is Bhalapur situated?
Ans.. Bhalapur is situated nearly 84 kilometers from the block office of Mohla in the Rajnandagaon district of Chhattisgarh.
2. Who were the members of the Mahila Mandal of Bhalapur?
Ans.. The members of the Mahila Mandal of Bhalapur were largely dalits and adivasis, meaning women from marginalized communities.
3. What was the greatest problem that the women faced?
Ans. The greatest problem that the women faced was collecting firewood due to the shrinking village forest.
4. Why was the village forest shrinking?
Ans.The village forest was shrinking due to the felling of trees by insensitive people.
5. What did the women do to protect the forest from grazing animals?
Ans. To protect the forest from grazing animals, the women dug deep trenches all around the deforested area.
6. What is the result of the efforts made by the women of Bhalapur?
Ans. As result of the efforts made by the women, dense forest stands on the outskirts of the village, fulfilling the locals’need today. It is helpful for firewood with dry twigs and contributing to the biodiversity of the area. Later, plantations were also done by the locals. Additionally, the successful initiative has inspired those in the village who had initially opposed the effort, demonstrating that local initiatives can effectively protect forests when due importance is given to local needs.

B. Write True/False in the boxes:
1. The Mahila Mandal was formed in the year 1998. False
2. We should be thankful to the insensitive people who fell trees.False
3. Now the women cut the trees for fuel and wood.False
4. The women dug trenches around the forest. True
5. Other people of Bhalapur also tried to do what the women of the village did.True
6. The women of Mahila Mandal were united.True
7. The women had to work hard to protect the forest.True
8. The women had to protect the trees against. False
animals only.False

B Arrange the letters to make words related with the given words:
1. wood : Timber, Stick Log and Twig
(mbreti) (tcisk) (glo) (gtwi)
2. fuel : _burn__ __wood_ __Gas_ __Petrol_____
(rbun) (wdoo) (sga) (rtpole)
3. sprout : ___grow_____ ___begin_____ ___terminate_____
(rgwo) (ngbei) (enrgmitae)


Given in the box is a list of activities that Ravi, Kusum and
Shiva did last week between 7 am and 9 pm. Using the information given in the box. Write 3 to 4 sentences about each.
1 Ravi Went to jungle for collecting wood on Monday.
2 Ravi milked cows on Tuesday.
3 Ravi played with his friends on Wednesday.
4 Kusum white washed herhouse On Monday.
5 Kusum Played with her friends on Tuesday.
6 Kusum collected vegetables from fields on Wednesday.
7 Shiva worked inthe field on Monday.
8 Shiva watered plants on Tuesday.
9 Shiva sowed seed of the plants on Wednesday.


With the help of the given sentences, write a paragraph about making tea:
Things you need for making tea: tea leaves, sugar, water, milk, ginger
Some sentences are given below. Arrange these sentences in the right sequence.
Add 4 teaspoons of sugar.
Add one cup of milk.
Add two teaspoons of tea leaves.
Take a cup of water.
Pour water into a vessel or a container.
If you like, add some ginger.
Boil it.
Grate/crush some ginger
Remove from the fire and filter it in a cup.
Put the vessel on the fire.

Ans. To make a delicious cup of tea, begin by taking a cup of water and pouring it into a vessel or a container.
Put the vessel on the fire and bring the water to a boil. Next, add two teaspoons of tea leaves and four teaspoons
of sugar to the boiling water. If you like, grate or crush some ginger and add it to the mixture for extra flavor.
Continue to boil the mixture, then add one cup of milk. Allow the tea to boil for a few more minutes to ensure
all the flavors are well combined.
Finally, remove the vessel from the fire and filter the tea into a cup. Enjoy your freshly made tea!
Listen and state True or False
1. Red + Blue = Purple (T)
2. Red + Green = Purple (F)
3. Red + Yellow = Orange (T)
4. Red + White = Pink (T)
5. Yellow + Blue = Red (F)
6. Yellow + Purple = White (F)
7. Yellow + Blue = Green (T)
8. Black + White = Blue (F)
9. Black + White = Grey (T)
10. White + Green = Yellow (F)

B. With the given hints and example say about yourself imagining a tree.

Neem Tree

• big shady tree, • small leaves
• many birds, squirrels live
• branches • swings • little
berries • medicines made
• purify air • man’s best friend

Ans. 1. I am a big shady tree providing a cool refuge from the scorching sun.
2. My small leaves form a dense canopy that rustles soothingly in the breeze.
3. Many birds and squirrels make their homes in my branches, adding life to my presence.
4. My branches spread wide and strong, offering support for swings and hammocks.
5. Children often swing from my sturdy branches, laughing and playing under my shade.
6. I produce little berries that birds love to eat and children enjoy collecting.
7. Various parts of me, from leaves to bark, are used to make medicines.
8. I help purify the air, absorbing pollutants and releasing fresh oxygen.
9. I am truly man’s best friend, providing shelter, sustenance, and health benefits.
10. Standing tall and proud, I am the Neem Tree, a silent guardian of the environment.

Mango Tree

1. I am the Mango Tree, often called the king of fruits.
2. As an evergreen tree, I remain lush and green throughout the year.
3. My long, narrow leaves provide a beautiful contrast against the blue sky.
4. I grow big and shady, offering a cool respite from the heat.
5. My fragrant flowers bloom in February, heralding the arrival of spring.
6. Cuckoos sing melodiously from my branches, filling the air with their calls.
7. My green mangoes are perfect for making tangy pickles.
8. When ripe, my mangoes are sweet and juicy, a delight everyone loves.
9. My leaves are often used in festivals, adding a touch of nature to celebrations.
10. I stand proudly, providing fruit, shade, and joy as the magnificent Mango Tree.

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