A Masai Home

Reading Comprehension

(i) Complete the table about a Masai house.


Masai house Inside
Who makes it? The Masai women make it.
How is it made? It is made in the rectangular shape with branches, twigs, grass and dung.
Number of rooms There is just one room.
Number of people About six people in a house.
5. Number of windows There is no window in the Masai
6. Number of openings There is only one opening in the Masai house.

(ii) Complete the table

Mouse House Inside
1. Kitchen In the centre of the house.
2. Special den Inside the house
3. Place for sleeping. . Inner side of the house

(iii) Branches are used by a Masai for
a. building the house
b. cooking

B. Answer the following questions.
(1) Where do the Masai women sleep?
Answer – The Masai women sleep in an inner corner of the Masai house.
(2) Why do they keep the fire burning in their house? Give three reasons.
Answer – The keep the fire burning in their house for –
1. Warmth 2. cooking 3. Light

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इतिहास विषय के प्रश्न उत्तर

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