The Hare on the Moon

A Answer the following questions.
1 Who were the Hare’s friends?
Ans. The monkey and the Otter were the hare’s friend.
2 What was the Otter doing?
Ans. The Otter was catching fish.
3. What did the hermit say when the monkey offered to give him nuts?
Ans. The hermit said that he wanted a lot of nuts, because he was very hungry.
4 How did the hare make the fire?
Ans. The hare struck two stones together and made the fire.
5 What did the hare do after lighting the fire?
Ans. The hare jumped into the fire after lighting it.
6 Why was the angel pleased with the hare?
Ans . The hare sacrificed himself for the hermit so the angel pleased with him.
Write true false in the brackets:
1 The hermit was not hungry. (False)
2 The monkey offered him nuts (True)
3 The hare was a kind animal (True)
4 The otter offered nothing to the hermit. (False)
5 The hermit enjoyed eating fish. (False)
6 The hermit ate the grass. (False)
7 The hermit was an angel. (True)

Separate the animals given the box according to the food they eat. Put them in the columns given below. You can add more animals:

Eats Only Plants
Eats Only Flesh
Eats both Flesh and Plants
horse Tiger cat
elephant, , goat, camel lion dog
 hare wolf

Look at the pictures and statements carefully

The sentences given in the balloons can be repeated as below:
1 The hermit said, “I am hungry.”
THe hermit said that he was hungry.
2 The otter said, “I have a few fish.”
The otter said that he had a few fish.
3 The monkey said, “I have some nuts.”
The monkey said that he had some nuts.
4 The hare said,” I have some grass.”
The hare said that he had some grass.

We now follow Shalini at school and home. She hears Geeta and Mohan talking at school. She then reports their conversation to her mother. One example is done for you. Do the rest of the exercise.

A Look at the message left by the mother for her child before leaving the house.
Going out for half an hour.
Your breakfast is on the table.

With the help of this example write a message for your mother giving the following information
“You are going out to play and will return after an hour. You have left the key on the table.”
ans. Going out to play for an hour. The key is on the table.
Put the punctuation marks; (“”/? Capital Letter s /./,)

write your name the teacher said i lifted the pink chalk to the blackboard
and stood there dont you know your name i did not answer what is your
name ravi i said

Ans. “Write your name,” the teacher said; I lifted the pink chalk to the blackboard and stood there. “Don’t you know your name?” I did not answer. “What is your name?” “Ravi,” I said.

B. Here is a list of the things your mother gave you to check. Tell your mother how much/how many things are left at home. Examples are given

Ans. rice There is a little rice left.
pens There are a few pens left.
oil- There is a little oil left
butter-There is a little butter left
biscuits- There are a few packets biscuits left.
salt- There is a little salt left.
candles-There are a few candles left.
pencils- There are a few pencils left.
flowers-There are a few flowers left.
apples- There are a few apples left.
matchboxes-There are a few matchboxes left.
sugar- There is a little sugar left.

B3. Read the telephonic conversation between Anu’s mom and Rani.
Mom: Hello!
Anu: Hello! Can I speak to Rani?
Mom: May I know who I am speaking to?
Anu: It’s Anu.
Mom: Oh! Anu! Rani has gone out.
Ok Aunti . I’ll call later. Good day.
Mom: Good day Anu.
Anu calls again
Complete the telephonic conversation between Anu and Rani and act
it out.

Anu: Hello Rani? It’s Anuradha
Rani:Hi!…………………… earlier.
Anu: Yes, mother …………….. .
Rani: Where ………………..?
Anu: I ……………………. library.
Rani: Did you ……………………… on our project
Anu: Hello Rani? It’s Anuradha.
Rani: Hi! Anu! Sorry, I missed your call earlier.
Anu: Yes, my mother mentioned.
Rani: Where are you calling from?
Anu: I’m at the library.
Rani: Did you manage to find some useful information on our project?
Anu: Yes, I did. I found some relevant books and articles.
Rani: That’s great! We should meet up and discuss our findings.
Anu: Definitely, when are you free?
Rani: How about tomorrow afternoon?
Anu: Sounds good. Let’s meet at the library.
Rani: Perfect! See you then.
Anu: See you, Rani.

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