Left in Charge

A. Answer the following questions:
1. Bhola was not going to town with his parents but he was very happy.
Ans. – Bhola was happy because he was entrusted with taking care of the household and animals while his parents
went to town, giving him a sense of responsibility and importance.

2. Bhola was left behind at home to do a lot of work. Make a list of the things he had to do.
Ans.- Take care of Dadima
– Feed the calf, kid, rabbit, ducks, and hen with chicks
– Keep Dadima’s room warm with charcoal
– Give Dadima warm milk and medicine on time

3. Write the things Bhola asked his parents to bring from the town market.
Ans. – Sweets, color pencils, and a drawing book

4. Why did Bhola’s parents smile at the end?
Ans. – Bhola’s parents smiled because despite facing challenges and forgetting some tasks, Bhola managed to handle his responsibilities to the best of his ability, demonstrating his growth and learning in taking care of the household and animals.

B. Write true / false against each of the statements:
1. Bhola did his work well. (False)
2. His parents were angry with him. (False)
3. The animals and birds did not complain about anything. (True)
4. The ducks fed themselves. (True)
5. The kid did not get water. (False)
6. The rabbit was in the well. (False)
7. The calf did not eat the vegetable patch. (True)

C. Rearrange the following sentences in the order in which they occur in the lesson:
1. Maa and Bapu went to town.
2. Bhola used burning coal to keep grandmother warm.
3. He gave a bundle of grass to the calf.
4. The ducks had rolled down the corn on the courtyard floor.
5. His parents came back.

A Pick out the words and make sentences from the text related to the word given in the circle:

Eat grass vegetable – Green leaves grain Bhola brought a bundle of grass. Rabbit went to the vegetable field. kids ate green leaves.
Say warn His mother warned him for caring cattle.
Advice cry Teacher advices to Sita. Sheela cried to see the lion.
Move nod Ram and Ravi nod their head before the god.
Jump march Rabbit is jumping in the field. An army of ducks was marching.

Make five sentences using any five words:
Cold –the beggar was feeling cold.
Courtyard- kids are jumping in the courtyard.
Basket Some corn in the basket for duck.
Jingling bells He heard the sound of jingling bells.
Murmur She murmured in a prayer.

C Pick out the words from the text that describe the following
Sound- quack quack, mein, kut-kut
Hand pat, waving hands
Bells Ding-dong, ting
Dog bark.

Change the following sentences into indirect speech:
2. a. Mrs. Khan advised Zafar to use the washing machine once a week.
3. a. Mrs. Khan advised Zafar to use the kitchen for making breakfast only.
4. a. Mrs. Khan advised Zafar to seek permission to go home.
5. a. Mrs. Khan advised Zafar to do the homework daily.
6. a. Mrs. Khan advised Zafar to do the exercise daily.
7. a. Mrs. Khan advised Zafar to take medicine daily at night.
B. Read the sentences given below and ask your partner.
1. You want the chair arranged.
– Would you arrange the chair, please?
2. You want the field ploughed.
– Could you plough the field, please?
3. You want the plants watered.
– Could you water the plants, please?
4. You want the room cleaned.
– Would you clean the room, please?
5. You want the courtyard decorated with Rangoli.
– Could you decorate the courtyard with Rangoli, please?

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