Alice in Wonderland

1 Draw the things in the box that Alice say on the table in the hall. 

2 Choose the correct answer
(i)After Alice tumbled into the rabbits hole, she;
a feel asleep
b ran away
c met the white rabbit
d came out of the hole
ans. Fell asleep.
(ii) Alice could not go out because
a she could not unlock any door
b She couldn’t find any key
She couldn’t find the way
She couldn’t go through the tiny door
Ans. She couldn’t go through the tiny door.
Q The words used in the story for ‘small’ are:
Ans. Little Tiny
Q4 In Alice’s dream every things was strange. Given below are some pictures. Write the words related to the hints for the pictures. One of the them is done for you.

Q. 5 Tick the situations when Alice was happy/sad.

Look at the pictures and think about the spelling of the words. The word for the picture is given in brackets. Then write the new words in the boxes as given in the examples. You will need only two letters from the first word

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