Sumba’s Adventure


I. Answer the following questions.
1. What places does Sumba imagine in the poem?
Ans. Sumba imagines places like forest, mountains, waterfalls, caves etc. to visit.
2. What creatures does Sumba imagine in the poem?
Ans. Sumba images in the poem creatures like strange persons, hungry wolves, dragon bears and spiders.

3. Are Sumba’s adventures real? Or is s/he just day dreaming? Pick out the words phrases from the poem in support of your answer.
Ans. No they are not real. We can understand by the following lines
Through luscious forests I could foam
Or golden hills so tall
I’ll stroll beside some mighty streams
And bathe by waterfalls.

. 4. Would you like to only dream of an adventure, or experience it in reality?
Ans. I would love to experience rather than dream adventure.

5. What are the dreadful things that Sumba talks about?
Ans. Sumba talks about dreadful things like lurking spiders, hungry wolves and bear, sleeping dragons

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6. List the qualities necessary for an adventure as suggested in the poem. Which of these qualities, according to you, did Sumba have?
Ans. the qualities that suggested in the poem for an adventure are confidence, courage, bravery.
I think Sumba has confidence.

II. Read the passage given below and answer the questions.

“If any fences, gates or walls Should rise in front of me

I’ll hurdle them with such a bound

And see what I can see!”

1. fences, gates and walls’ in these lines refer to

a. opportunities
c. bad luck
b. challenges
2. Sumba plans to ‘hurdle’ them.Hurdle here means

a. welcome
b. jump over
c. overcome

3 By ‘and see what I can see’ the author wants to say.

a. I will explore as much as I can
b. I will look beyond my wall as far as I can
c. I want to see the road across the wall

English Paper Solved Class X SET C

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