English Paper Solved Class X SET C

Attempt all questions.

(A) Choose the correct alternative:
(1) During our War of Independence many gave up their life for their country. They are known as
(a) soldiers
(b) martyrs
(c) citizens
(d) volunteers
Ans. (b) martyrs
(ii) Jill paid a ten-pound
(a) check
(b) cheek
(c) cheque
(d) chick
Ans. (c) cheque
(iii) Daddy had a steady job in Trivandrum. A word which is an antonym to ‘steady’ is
(a) fixed
(b) permanent
(c) temporary
(d) stable
Ans. (c) temporary
(iv) The old beggar had a ………of chappati in his bowl.
(a) piece
(b) peice
(c) peace
(d) peas
Ans. (a) piece
(v) He had written an email to me. Email is similar to
(a) essay
(b) letter
(c) paragraph.
(d) poetry
Ans. (b) letter
Q.1 (B) Fill in the blanks using correct alternatives:
(1) Work hard lest you shouldfail. (should/may/could)
(ii) The dog jumpedinto the river (in/on/into)
(iii) I go for a walk for an hour every day. (a/an/the)
(iv) The teacher was standing… among ……..the students.(between / among / along)
(v) My uncle used to have a bicycle, when I was young.(used to/would/ could)
Q.1 (C) Match the columns to make meaningful sentences:
(1) He was disappointed-(b) because the result was not as expected.
(i) This is the place- (e) where the match will be played
(ii) Wait here-(a) untill I come
(iv) Unless you work hard -(c) you can’t pass
(All of us ran out of the class-(d) before the bell rang
NOTE: Answer the following questions in 2 to 3 sentences each:
Q.2Why was Kailash Satyarthi awarded the Nobel Prize for peace?
Ans. Kailash Satyarthi spent all his life for betterment of the hundreds of the millions of children in the world who are deprived of their childhood and health and education, and fundamental right to freedom
Q 3Why does not Louie want to go ‘social skill’ or speech?
Ans. Because he likes to be in regular classes to learn new things from his teachers.
Q 4 Why was the peon called? What did he tell about Swaminathan?
Ans. The peon was called to tell what Swaminanthan did last day at the school. The peon told that he saw Swaminanthan break the panes of the ventilators of the headmaster’s room.
Q 5How did Mr. Robinson manage to get fresh coconuts?
Ans. Mr. Robinson threw some stones at monkeys and they threw coconuts at Robinson’s family back. In this way Mr. Robinson family got fresh coconuts.
Q 6 You are Neha/Anuj, living at Adarsh Nagar, Raigarh. Write a letter to your friend Durga Mishra who lives at Shanti Nagar, Raipur, inviting her on the inauguration ceremony of your new house.

English Paper Soloved Class X SET A

You are Shivani Bhandari, studying in Govt. Higher Secondary School, Balod in Class X. The economical condition of your family is not good. Your father is unable to pay your full fees. Write an application to your Principal, requesting him/her to grant you full fees concession.
Q.7 You are Adya Joshi, the Sports Secretary of your school, reading in Class X in Govt. Higher Secondary School, Durg. Write a notice for your school notice board about the annual sports to be held on 25th February at your school.

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You have lost your pencil box. You are Vivek Thakur, studying in Govt. Higher Secondary School, Dhamtari. Write a notice for the ‘Lost and Found’ of your school notice board.
Q 8 Write a paragraph on ‘Benefits of Exercise’, using the clues given below:
(a) Exercise is important
(b) Reduces stress
(c) Protects against many diseases
(d) Helps to control weight
(e) Improves the energy level
(f) Should be done regularly

English Paper Soloved Class X SET B


Write a paragraph on ‘Importance of Plantation’, using the clues given
(a) Gift of nature
(b) They give us shade, flowers, etc.
(c) They provide fuel and timber (d) Great importance as trees
(e) Trees are life of man

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Do as directed:

(1) To walk is a good exercise.
ans. Waking is a good exercise (Rewrite the sentence using ‘gerund”)

(ii) I get up early in the morning. (Make the sentence emphatic using ‘do / does / did’)
Ans. I do get up early in the moring/ I did get up early in the moring.

(iii) Your sister won the race. (Add question tag)
Ans. Your sister won the race, Didn’t she?
(iv) My mother is cooking food. (Change this sentence into passive voice)
Ans. Food is being cooked by my mother.
(P) The teacher said, “The Earth moves around the Sun.” (Change into Indirect Speech)
Ans. The teacher said that the Earth moves around the Sun.
Note: Answer the following questions in about 20-30 words each:
10 What was the little kite afraid of?
Ans. The little kite was afraid of flying. He thought he would fall if he flied.
11 Write any two excuses given by Beinkensopp to escape work.
Ans. Excuses given by Beinkensopp. Grand mother died sir,The dentist, sir, Missed the maths test, Can’t line up for physical education

12 Why does the poet say that ‘We all are the same’ in his poem Including All My Friends”?
Ans. The poet says that because he wanted to say we all are human beings

13 What is the speaker’s complaint in the poem ‘About Me”?
Ans. He is ignored and disrespected by the people. He wanted to be noticed and treated friendly.

14 What places does Sumba imagine?
Ans. Sumba imagines places like forest, mountains, waterfalls, caves etc. to visit.
15 Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions given below:

Forests are called the ‘green gold’ of the country, because they are country’s wealth. There are a number of advantages of having green forests. They give us a number of valuable products. We get timber for building our houses, wood for furniture and fuel for cooking food. Besides these many other useful products are got from them. They are honey, wax, gum, oil, herbs, lac and dyes. Think of the paper mills. Can they produce paper without getting wood from the forest? The industry of artificial silk depends on forests. Forests add to the beauty of country and provide shelter to wild animals.


(A) Choose the correct options:

(1) We cannot get … gold …..from the forests.

(a) fuel

(b) wood

(c) timber

(d) gold
Ans. gold
(ii) The industry of artificial silk depends on:

(a) gold

(b) forests

(c) oil

(d) timber
Ans. forests

(B) Find the synonyms of the given words from the passage:

(1) Man made (ii) Benefits
Ans. Man made – Artificial

(C) Choose the correct one:

(1) The paper mills produce papers without wood. (True/False)
Ans. False
(ii) Forest gives us products. (valuable /useless)
Ans. valuable
(D) Why are forests called ‘green gold’?
Ans. Forests are called green gold because they are county’s wealth
Q.16 Read the following passage carefully and answer the given questions:

A new picture would have come, and be standing in the dining-room, waiting to be pu up; and Aunt Podger would ask what was to be done with it, and Uncle Podger woul say:

“Oh, you leave that to me. Don’t you, any of you worry yourselves about t

I’ll do all that.”

And then he would take off his coat, and begin. He would send the maid out fr six-pennyworth of nails, and then one of the boys after her to tell her what size to and from that, he would gradually work down, and start the whole house
“Now you go and get me a hammer, Will,” he would shout; “and you bring me the rule, Tom; and I shall want the step-ladder, and I had better have a kitchen-chair, too; and Jim, you run round to Mr. Goggles, and tell him, ‘Daddy’s best wishes, and hopes his leg is better, and will he let him have his spirit-level for the evening?” And don’t you go, Maria, because I shall want somebody to hold the light; and when the maid comes back, she must go out again for a bit of picture cord; and Tom, -where is Tom? -Tom, you come here; I shall want you to hand me up the picture.”
(A)Choose the correct options:
(1) How much penny worth of nails was to be brought by maid?
(a) Ten penny
(b) Six penny
(c) Sixty penny
Ans. Six-penny
(ii) An instrument used to check the surface evenness :
(a) Hammer
(b) Step-ladder
(c) Spirit-level
Ans. Step-ledder
(iii) A room in a house of eating meals
(a) Bed-room
(b) Dining-room
(c) Sitting-room
Ans. Dinning room
B Answer the following questions:
(0) Find the antonyms of the following words from the passag
(a) Morning
(b) Put down
And. Morning –evening
Put down- Put up
(i) Who was to go and get the picture cord?
Ans. The maid was to go and get the picture cord..
Write an essay on any one of the following topics:
(1) My Hobby
(i) Value of Games and Sports
(ii) Advantages and Disadvantages of Science
(iv) Importance of Trees

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