Unfriendly Nature

3. State True or False.
(i) The earthquake in Gujarat in 2001 killed 13,000 people. (True)
(ii) We should run out of homes as soon as we feel tremors. (True)
(iii) We should bend down under cots and desks during floods. (False)
(iv) 70,000 people became homeless in Assam due to earthquake. (False)
(v) Eating food that has got wet in flood water is harmful. (True)
(vi) The local radio warns us about earthquakes and floods. (True)
(vii)People in Bikaner always enjoy rains. (False)
(viii) The villagers become poor and unemployed due to drought. (True)

1. Flood:
People and cattle- became homeless, die
Trees – uprooted or submerged, leading to damage and loss of vegetation.
Canals and wells – contaminated or flooded, affecting water sources and irrigation
Houses – destroyed or damaged, causing displacement and loss of shelter.
Cattle- stranded and at risk of drowning, leading to significant loss of livestock.

2. Drought:
Cattle – suffer from lack of water and food, leading to illness and death.
Wells – dry up, reducing access to water for both humans and animals.
Ponds – shrink or dry, impacting aquatic life and water availability.
Fields – barren or yield poor crops due to insufficient water supply.
Crops – wither and fail to thrive, resulting in low agricultural productivity.

3. Earthquake:
People – injured or killed, with homes and communities devastated.
Cattle – injured or trapped, facing adverse effects similar to humans.
Buildings – collapse or suffer structural damage, posing risks to inhabitants.
Electric poles – topple, disrupting power supply and increasing hazards.

Write your sentences using ‘must’. What could you suggest in the following situations?
Example is given for you.

Example: I worked hard today. I feel tired now.
You must take rest now.

1. My mother will get angry. I am getting late.
Suggestion – You must go home now.

2. I have a headache. I can’t work now.
Suggestion – You must take pills and take rest.

3. She wants to be a singer in future. She doesn’t sing very well now.
Suggestion – She must practice hard for singing.

4. She is a very naughty girl. She doesn’t obey elders.
Suggestion – She must be punished elders.

5. My younger brother is looking for a good job. He has no job now.
Suggestion – He must keep trying to get a good job.

6. My handwriting is very poor. I feel it.
Suggestion – You must practice to improve your handwriting.

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